Mantra pushpam is a Vedic prayer chanted towards the end of most poojas. Traditional Meaning: The following is repeated several times by. This great mantra is taken from Taithreeya Aranyakam () of Yajur Veda. It is one of the most famous of all veda mantras and remains quite popular till date. Yopam pushpam veda, Ayatanavan bhavati, Mantra pushpam yajur veda verses with meanings, Mantra pushpam describing source of water.

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He who knows the support of Moon becomes endowed with the support.

He remains as the witness-consciousness and is freed of all the six fold changes of the body. Stars do not change their positions. Meanin who realizes that the base of each Vaasana fulfilment experience within the Jeeva embodiment is the unmanifest Vaasana immediately attains to the state of realization.

I always felt drawn to Mantra Pushpam: Life of a person in a physical form is based on the nature of the experiences one has.

Mantra pushpam

Water is the support of manta one who burns. Posted by narayanalakshmi at Times Point Know more. Because of forgetting the true nature of the Self Brahmanthere arises the identification of the physical body like a ghost in darkness.

But as the Creator remains always in the witness state, he is not affected by the perceptions. Mind oscillates from joy to sorrow as it wades through various matra. Samvatsara is the measure of time. This mind-process is different for different individuals.

Connect Science To Divinity: Mantra Pushpam – Chants From The Yajurveda With Meanings

Almost all of us would have heard the famous Vedic verse “Ayathanavan Bhavati”. Water is mnatra support of Moon. The experiences are possible because of the existence of a perceiver Fire who experiences consumes mmeaning experience water. Sorry — I do not have a good posting on Mahishasura Mardini.


Mind oscillates from joy to sorrow as it wades through various experiences. It does not reside in the heart or brain; it is not a visible organ; but just a process of collecting information. Newer Post Older Post Home. If a man stays unattached to the outside surroundings like a traveller in a boat untouched by waters; goes through the life-experiences without identifying with the body, but established in the true nature of Self Brahman-state ; he is freed of his Jeeva-hood which is chained to the Vaasanaas.

Bhagavatha Purana- Nithya Parayana Slokas. They are the fixed rules ordained by the Creator. He who knows the support of the waters. He who knows the boat stably established in the waters becomes himself stabilized.


Vedas are not books written in refined Sanskrit that can be translated like a Ramayana or Mahabharata. Bhaskar Eranki 23 December at You meqning commenting using your WordPress.

He is freed of his Jeeva-hood which is chained to the Vaasanaas. It tells in short that water is the basis of this universe. Thank u very very much. Unless a conscious perceiver is there, experiences cannot be had. The hymn praising Kubera does not belong to this Mantra section. Due to subtle motion of Pushoam shakti in Supreme Being, actions arise in Him. Because the experiences are there, Brahman is termed here as the witness consciousness.

You cannot just wish a curse on somebody, unless you have mastered the science of sounds through penance under the guidance of a realized Sage.

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Deeper Meaning of Mantra Pushpam –

Knowledge alone acts as the boat to cross over the waters of experiences. Strictly speaking, they are not even their works, but a result of the divine work of Supreme.

Unfortunately, as time went by and Sages left this world, Vedas attained the degraded position of meaningless sounds recited by some belly-worshippers for acquiring wealth alone due to some curse incurred by the creator of this world, as mentioned in the ShivaPuraana.

He is unaffected by the experiences. Rainy season is the source of water, He who knows the source of Rainy Season, Becomes established in his Self, Water is the source of rainy season, He who knows this, Becomes established in his Self. Moon Mind is never stable like the Sun Witness state of Brahman. Mind is the flower of the waters namely experiences. He is free of all Vaasanaas which act as the seeds of all the experiences in the limited time-frame.

He who knows this becomes endowed with the flower, progeny, and animals.

Experiences again form the basis for the birth of many more Vaasanaas since Vaasana reduction does not come about with satisfaction of an experience but more get created.

It is Praana, the principle of contact. He who knows the support of Wind.