Isis Unveiled: Secrets of the Ancient Wisdom Tradition, Madame Blavatsky’s First Work [H P Blavatsky, Michael Gomes] on *FREE* shipping on. Isis Unveiled has ratings and 36 reviews. The said: Blavatsky dear occultist, was a genius and the fact that she wrote so brilliantly in Engl. Isis Unveiled is a master key to the mysteries of ancient and modern science and theology. With the help of this book you will be able to make sense of how so.

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Sep 27, Alan Johnson rated it it was amazing. When the real man succeeds in merging himself with the latter, he becomes an unceiled entity.

Robert Radakovic rated it liked it Jan 03, Robert Scott rated it it was amazing Jul 18, Want to Read Currently Reading Read. I wish you well. The lower orders of evolution are declared to have emanated from higher spiritual ones before they develop. But saying that, it is fascinating to see the beginning work of a Theosophy she largely invented.

She states them siis numbered order as follows:. He did not materialize and sit with us, nor obsess H. She had a profound knowledge of everything apparently, and her method of work was most unusual.

Everything that happens is the result of law — eternal, immutable, ever-active. Turning ever and anon from the purely inductive method which characterizes the work generally, Madame Blavatsky submits some of the principal tenets of the Wisdom-Religion, which she names T HEOSOPHYand shows that there is more than ample ground, from evidence accessible to the general student, to justify the statements she makes, that the Wisdom-Religion underlies and antedates every religion, every philosophy, every system of thought, every science, known to mankind, and that all these have in point of fact sprung from periodical impartations of portions of the Secret Doctrines by its Adept custodians.


Isis Unveiled: Vol. I & II by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky

Thanks to his efforts and the ongoing efforts of the Blavatsky Trust after his passing to show the legitimate, authentic, and trustworthy nature of the original teachings of Theosophy and the writings of H.

As in the Talmudic legend, she breathed upon the clay, breathed into it the breath of life. From these they can escape but through long repentance, self-purification, and development. You are commenting using your WordPress.

She was one fiery woman an I read only part of the greek version of the book, which is divided in 4 tomes I think? The story has never been written up fully in this way, but it can be pieced together from the various historical accounts, articles and notebooks in which it maxame preserved. Modern Theosophists hold the book as a revealed work dictated to Blavatsky by Theosophy’s Masters.

Many, many pages are devoted to discussion of the characteristics, tendencies, practices and fruits of mediumship. A real malignent tumor.

Isis Unveiled: Vol. I & II

In another letter … whether you believe me or not, something miraculous is happening to me. Lists with This Book. You cannot unveiiled in what a charmed world of pictures and blavatskg I live. Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, Russian: A Master-Key to the Mysteries of Ancient and Modern Science and Theologypublished inis a book of esoteric philosophy and Helena Petrovna Blavatsky ‘s first major work and a key text in her Theosophical movement.

Refresh and try again. The Journal of Unvekled and Emergent Religions About Helena Petrovna Blavatsky. It is however, as the manner of its writing would suggest, a series of a large number of articles with no connective progressive narrative, for which reason it has received adverse literary criticism.


Blavatsky shows that Christianity should be understood as an expression of mankind’s universal spiritual quest.

He is in it, as it is in him, for the world-pervading element fills all space, and is space itself, only shoreless and infinite. The Litany of Loretto that she cites is unknown madamme most Roman Catholics. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Isis Unveiled by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky

It gives perspective on the universe and humanity. Matthew Faulkerson rated it liked it Apr 20, Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Against a background of these historical views and mada,e stories the whole theosophical movement with its magnificent teaching takes on an aspect and a flavour very different from that which it now possesses.

I read only part of the greek version of the book, knveiled is divided in 4 tomes I think? Daniel A rated it it was amazing May 03, These beings, they say, were possessed of almost boundless knowledge, and in their audacity even threatened rebellion against the Great Chief Spirit. Blavatsky’s knowledge of religious minutia is immense and her assertions will challenge the way you blavatskj Isis Unveiled is a master key to the mysteries of ancient and modern science and theology.

These books are phenomenal, insightful, isjs. Its mode of operation is incessantly discussed in treating of the rise and fall of civilizations, successive races of men, earth transformations, the three-fold principle of evolution, Spiritual, Mental, and Physical; the compound nature of man and the universe; and in such terminology as pre-existence, metempsychosis, transmigration, reincarnation, transformation, permutation, emanation, immortality, and after death states and conditions.

Theosophical University Press,vol.