The ×45mm NATO (official NATO nomenclature NATO) is a rimless bottlenecked . The ×45mm NATO SS/M cartridge (NATO: SS; U.S.: M) with standard 62 gr. lead core bullets with steel . Luke Haag’s papers in the AFTE Journal (33(1)–28, Winter ) also describes this problem. Look at Luke Haag’s paper in the AFTE journal which shows significant variations in construction between various SS/M loads from. Now comes your affiant, Lucien C. “Luke” Haag, and under oath hereby states as follows: I. I am of legal majority and of x45mm SS/M Bullets”.

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In several cases, yawing did not begin until 7″” of penetration. Even if it impacts at optimum speeds, 70 percent of 5. The development of the cartridge that eventually became the.

x 45 NATO ( Remington) | Close Focus Research – Ballistic Testing Services

Retrieved 6 March In several cases, yawing did not begin until 7″” of penetration. InNATO members signed an agreement to select a second, smaller caliber cartridge to lukf the 7.

Retrieved 8 November Over 1 billion cartridges had been produced as of [update].

The round can better penetrate steel, brick, concrete, and masonry walls, as well as body armor and sheet metal. As expected, with decreased wounding effects, rapid incapacitation is unlikely: The steel penetrator was retained and, through greater velocity and better composition and placement, substantially improved hard target performance.


5.56×45mm NATO

Mark’s SMP propellant causing increased fouling of the gun barrel. February was the first time the MA1 was used more than the M, and approximately 30 million MA1 rounds have been fielded from June to May Due to several different. There have been numerous attempts to create an intermediate cartridge that addresses the complaints of 5.

In recent lab testing of M, it has been shown that the bullets do not fragment reliably or consistently from round-to-round, displaying widely variable performance. As the Iraq War was happening at the same time, participants decided to use the opportunity to redirect their efforts from just making a “green” training round to creating an entirely new general-purpose rifle round to address complaints encountered in the field. The Swiss refer to the round as the 5,6mm Gw Pat 90, although it is interchangeable with the 5.

The 5,6mm Gw Pat 90 or GP 90 5.

Conventional, and cheaper, bullets are made with the method of the jacket drawn from the nose to an exposed lead base. Be sure to subscribe to the SurvivalistBoards YouTube channel Would you like to see better stuff s1s09 in the contest?

The grain round was heavier than ss1099 previous grain M The shooter for the Army was Rob Harbison, a contractor supporting small caliber ammunition capability development at Fort Benning Georgia. The Mk Mod 0 was adopted in M and M cartridges in an ammunition belt using M27 disintegrating links. Corps adopts MA1 round – MarineCorpstimes.


Stoner contacted both Winchester and Remington about increasing the case capacity. When fired from a short-barreled M4, lower muzzle velocity led to decreased terminal effectiveness, and unburned propellant fired from the end of the barrel created a brighter muzzle flash and caused more combustion debris to be pushed back in the gas tube, dirtying the weapon.

Ammo Information – Survivalist Forum

These yaw issues were most noticeable at luks ranges and were more prevalent with certain calibers and bullet styles—the most susceptible being 5. The factors of impact angle and velocity, instability distance, and penetration before yaw reduce the round’s predictable effectiveness considerably in combat situations. The FN company had also been involved in the development of the.

Archived from the original on 25 September Some alternative cartridges like the.

Officially designated the Mk Mod 0 “Cartridge, Caliber 5. A Biography, Alexander Rose p. This was a temporary measure ss109 the MA1 was available for them, which occurred in mid when the Army began to receive the rounds.

It should be noted, however, that commercially available loadings using these heavier and longer bullets can be prohibitively expensive and cost much more than military surplus ammunition. They live the DMZ, and shoot 5. Password Please enter a password for your user account.