Princesa Sultana Sua Vida, Sua Luta * Resenha Do Livro on WN Network delivers the latest Videos and Editable pages for News & Events, including. Agora, neste novo livro, “Sultana” fala-nos das suas duas filhas: uma que se atreveu a ter uma relação proibida, com outra mulher; a segunda que se tornou. Confira também os eBooks mais vendidos, lançamentos e livros digitais exclusivos. Princesa sultana – Trilogia da princesa: Sua vida, sua luta. Jean Sasson.

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Princesa Sultana Sua Vida, Sua Luta * Resenha Do Livro

This book really affected me. The True Story of Life Behind the Veil in Saudi Arabia Princess Al-Saud and author Jean Sasson began a compelling series which usltana not only on the life of the Princess and the Royal family, but on livo treatment of women in Saudi Arabia — many of whom were denied the most basic human rights. The name signifies “day” or “east. An avid reader from an early age, she had read all the books in her school library by the time she was 15 years old.

She constantly states how she, at one time or another, decides to change her environment, not to live the way other wealthy Saudi women do How ridiculous are these countries run by men at the expense of the peaceful balance that women provide.

In the international bestseller Princess: Moreover, the purchasing of a slave and hiring of maid are two very different things. However Sultana as the spirited woman has showed one thing that things can also be changed with determination. After a snack of fresh fruits, I would soak in the tub in a leisurely manner.


There was some hope the book would continue on with the daughters’ work in refuge camps and with acid victims, but even this was left hanging with little resolution.

Louis and New Orleansfrequently commissioned to carry troops. Walaupun dilimpahi harta, seumur hidupnya Sultana mendambakan kasih sayang sang ayah yang tak kunjung didapatkan hanya karena dia seorang perempuan.

Forgiveness is admired in the religion of Islam yet its followers seem to stubbornly unforgiving it is a shock that they seem to have even a modicum of understanding of their faith, apart from the harsher to harshest punishments that they can execute on those below them in ranks and power.


Please world, don’t think for a second that all of the things about Islam in this book are true. Readers who want a very different and more nuanced look at life growing up in a harem should check out Dreams of Trespass Tales of a Harem Girlhood by Morocan feminist Fatima Mernissi.

Even their discussions are appointed it seems. Sltana 08, Francis Kessy rated it liked it Shelves: Foreign editions will be available throughout the next year. She failed to clarify that Islam is on women’s side not against them.

If they do not comply, they are jailed, beaten, raped, abused, murdered, or stoned to death, for simple misdemeanors. Sulrana am sure as those teenage boys had no access to such witnesses considering the girl was completely innocent, her death was not a punishment but instead would be deemed as murder.


It seems like the characters would talk about several terrible situations women were in, but nothing was done aside to say “I want to help. I will be travelling to the Middle East in a few weeks, and I feel like this has helped me to begin the process of understanding a culture that I was quite ignorant of before.

Princess: Secrets to Share by Jean Sasson

The heroine is rich beyond most readers’ wildest dreams yet remains sour and discontented. If any book could princesx a revolution, this one can.

Do you know what the men were talking about a week later? Her mother, Princess Al-Saud, knew but kept it secret from the father, but when her jealous younger sister snooped in her mother’s room and found a letter from the older sister about what she was doing, she told the father and all hell broke loose.

Her life of leisure was a dream compared to the lives of most Saudi women. It has totally corrupted their society in only 50 or so years. Oct 07, Lejla rated it liked it. Other groundbreaking books followed: Here’s what filled her days: Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

They cannot just have a cup of tea and a conversation with a husband in a normal way, it all has to be by appointment. I am definitely not a princess, but I would never want to be one.