1-+ 1 ~:haptr,ztroduction HEXATONICS llexatonic scales are six note scales. One way to create a hexatonic scale is to combine the notes of two. I ordered Jerry Bergonzi’s Hexatonics book, the seventh volume in his Inside Improvisation series. I had looked through some of his previous. Jerry Bergonzi: INSIDE IMPROVISATION SERIES VOLUME 7: HEXATONICS, Paperback Book & CD Package, All Instruments, and thousands more titles.

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Inside Improvisation Volume 7 – Hexatonics

In some instances you might want the more dissonant sound of minor 9ths. Rather than practice all of them, select a few, and play them in all bergojzi in order to gain flexibility with these hexatonics. Jerry Bergonzi- Vol 2 – Pentatonics Documents. Campbell’s approach in my Triad Pairs post. If you invert these triads and voice the C triad on top of the B triad, minor 9th intervals are sounded.

When the box with the book finally came I thought that the distributor got my order wrong because it came in a big and very heavy box. Select a few to practice and play in all keys keeping in mind what chords they may fit over.

Jerry Bergonzi Vol 7 – Hexatonics.pdf

See also Chapter 9. B- jC-Try playing 8 notes of any hexatonic melody using the notes of the grid as starting note”. Like a blues scale, in the wrong hands this could be devastating! This book will keep me busy for a long time, it’s really the most useful music book that I’ve run across in a long time. The book starts out with a chapter dealing with a Major triad over a Major triad a whole step apart.


Inside Improvisation Series, Vol. 7: Hexatonics: Book & CD

Try integrating this approach with other melodic material. Is Berklee College of music out of your price range? Triad Pairs for Jazz: What I’m gathering from your comment is that Weiskopf limits his study hexatonis one hexatonic, Campbell’s book is more theoretically oriented and that Bergonzi, in typical Gonzomatic fashion, not only covers all of the possibilities one might think of, in terms of hexatonics, but also shows the musician how to apply the various approaches, which I gather, he does in a fashion similar to those used in his “Melodic Structures,” and “Pentatonics” book, so that one can immediately move from theory into praxis.

Natural 11 on a dominant chord is an avoid note but it sounds fine when used in passing. This sounds highly worthy of investigation, when I get done working with Compound Intervals. This hexatonocs be very helpful in modal settings where there are no diatonic, cycle-forth root movements or resolutions and where each chord change may last a long time for instance, four, eight, or sixteen measures “.

George Coleman on YouTube Textural variety for improvisation the search continues Jerry Bergonzi – Vol 2 – Pentatonics Documents. As already stated, a hexatonic scale can be derived by combining the notes jerrry two triads that do not share any common tones. For example, over the C-7 chord, try any these hexatonics: On a dominant chord, the two triads include the: Practicing hexatonics is great way to improve technique and it’s also great for ear training.


Jerry Bergonzi Vol 5 – Thesaurus of Education. Programma del triennio di di Also, try improvising using any rhythm but starting your phrase on the notes of the hwxatonics.

Berklee Jazz Harmony Vol – [Jerry Bergonzi] Documents. Hearing these different combinations of triads against different chords is hexaonics must for expanding your tonal pallet. Try applying any of the hexatonics to progressions 13 and Have each hexatonic be 1 bar,2 bars or 4 bars each.

For example, over the A-7 chord, try any of these hexatonics: This can be very helpful in modal settings where there are no diatonic, cycle-forth root movements or resolutions and where each chord change may last a long time for instance, four, eight, or sixteen measures ” Bergonzi’s book is very well thought out and structured to be very useful as a practice tool.

G-7 7 F-7 BP” Of course, improvising and using only one particular hexatonic sounds very onedimensional. On some of these chords we are allowing much leeway. The sixth hexatonic is two minor triads a whole step apart.

Casa Valdez Studios: Jerry Bergonzi’s approach to Hexatonics

This book will focus on the ones that are practical for the improviser and composer. Have each hexatonic 1 bar,2 bars or bertonzi bars each.

For the minor 7th chords you may either use the hexatonics given on the previous page or play any “regular” scale.