InFocus LP projector specs, projector reviews and current street prices. Std. Zoom Lens: Std. Lens Focus: Manual: Optional Lenses: No: Lens Shift. User manual for the device InFocus LP /LP Online user manual database. User manual for the device InFocus Projector LP Online user manual database.

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Teri, the carbon thing is presumably a ferrite bead or tube, which is magnetically saturatable but non-conductive. Hello keith just to let you know i have got the parts and soldered them in and all seems well thank you very much as it seems to be a successful fix so far. The projector has the lamp cover interlock switch and AC-DC power supply on the starboard side and the DC-DC power supply and lamp ballast on maual port side. Thank you again for your help!

That should help determine whether the failure is in the AC-DC power supply board probably notin the DC-DC board, or quite possibly with one of the sensors. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2. Just mnaual all of the above capacitors on that board and that might lp50 your problem. March 18, at Check out the manual How-To Guide infodus here: So I let it cool itself down and shut off, put the buttons back in the top case and screwed it all closed.

Or an LCD from dead equipment. LED goes green for a second and back to orange but no fan or power up. The filter between the blue light path and the blue LCD is all melty.

InFocus LP 240/LP 250 User Manual

If you want to quickly view the content of pages found on the following pages unfocus the manual, you can use them. The AC-DC supply is always on, and the DC-DC supply appears to be under control of the microprocessor kp250 runs the soft power button and monitors the sensors scattered throughout the projector. By the end of the call, the projector was completely disassembled and wiped or blown clean.


Probably damage to the LCD or lens due to an old lamp that produces too much heat. So I dug in to follow the light path through the projector and see if it would be apparent what was wrong. God Bless you Keith, for your willingness to share your wisdom, and all your helpful followers, too. Remote works fine once projector has been manually powered on, and will even power off the projector InFocus Office I was given an old infocus Lp by a friend, the problem is that it gives an error message that one of the fans is not working.

Posted on Oct 23, Be the first to answer. I might be in touch again if i run into any problems.

Anyone has any Idea? Get orange LED no fan sound when I press the power on button.

Repairing an InFocus LP Projector, Part 1 « Keith’s Electronics Blog

I did not take anything out though as I felt like I was at the edge of my limitation as it was and I did not want to make things worse. Do this by moving inficus lug at each side of the connector out about 3mm until it stops.

After reading some of this and other places I decided to dig into the thing. He also noticed that the main board has nicely labelled test points for lots of voltages, including not only the raw AC-DC supply outputs but also regulated and switched voltages manuual microprocessor control.

I continued to rebuild the projector and took pics of each step before and after as I went.


I currently have an infoucus LP which looks identical to the and have a problem with it. I took an electrical meter and measured the voltage on the fan connectors only to realize that the rear and the front left fan were not getting any voltage, so I tested the components that are inline with the fans circuitry only to realized that two surface mount reistors were gone on both fans circuitry.


Jaime Hernandez Level 3 Expert Answers. I did think the LP played regular dvds fine — but this new projector is superb.

Posted on May 27, Manjal the first to answer. I do note that every time I turn it on, as it powers up the lamp, I hear a chittering sound like knfocus ultra-high-pitched buzzing. I just use it for outside stuff so I removed the filters.

The projector is back together and emitting blue inrocus when it should be emitting black.

InFocus LP250 Projector

My Infocus LP was overheating and shutting off anywhere from a few minutes, to lp2500 an hour. It took me a really long time 2fix this yet the solution was infocuz simple!!! Answered on Mar 25, I feel bad throwing away a good projector that just needs a few parts to fix.

February 17, at Posted on Oct 30, Be the first to answer. Does your projector appear to normally run hot? I have a little knowledge in electronics so I took it appart manjal tested the fans with an external 12v supply, they all seemed to be in order.

You can leave a responseor trackback from your own site. Is there any equavalent for the same…? However, if you do not want to l250 up too much of your disk space, you can always download it in the future from ManualsBase.

A few months ago, I bought an InFocus video projector on eBay, still hoping to watch movies on the wall of the family room. Hello i have recently got a second hand InFocus LP projector and i seem to have the following problem.

I can fix these units.

March 23, at