specifications at the end of the Operation Manual. Since the service life of The main unit for the HVS series is HVSHS. The following. For-a Hvshs Manual. HVS / – HD/SD Portable Video Switcher, HVS- – 3G/HD/SD 2M/E Video. Switcher, HVSHS – HD/SD M/E Video. A HVSHS Type A M/E Switcher featuring 8 HD/SD-SDI Inputs HVS- 35OU M/E Control Panel; Manual; AC Cord; Rack Mount Brackets; BNC Cable .

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The background signal is cut out using Key Source and Key Insert fills in the cut out part of the signal. Adding or Inserting S Triggering User Buttons Whatever your needs, talk to your FOR-A representative.

The procedure example for changing the matte color by using the keypad is as follows. Specifications And Dimensions Preview Set Up Copying And Clearing Playlists Ancillary Data The switcher allows users to pass, substitute or blank the ancillary data in the Program Clean and Preview video.

FOR-A HVS-350HS Operation Manual

To do this, follow the procedure below. It is used to synchronize asynchronous signals. See the figure and the table below.


Users can select whether to apply frame synchronization to input signals or not for each of them as shown in the procedure below. Creating New Sequences The operation example in this section shows how to create a new sequence in three steps and store it to “Sequence Memory 0. Saving and Loading Crosspoints A set of all crosspoints destination and source pairs on the router can be saved to and loaded from the switcher.

Page 5 Turn F3 to select the desired panel setup in the table below LOAD setting Description The switcher starts with the factory default settings.

A function that outputs two output video feeds alternately in field hvs-350hz from one channel of output. The maximum system configuration is: Update Unrecognized Zip Code.

Safety Area Markers Do not pull on cable portion. A delay line with the clip memory can delay an output video up to 30 frames. Changing The Side Panel Image Move the joystick up, down left and right to move the crosshair cursor onto the desired color.

They are multiple function buttons. Do not place or drop heavy or sharp-edged objects on power cord. Tally Out Connector hvstalr Once the menu shortcut is assigned to a User button, pressing the button opens the assigned menu page.


Advanced Settings For Transitions Inserting Pinp Video Each card has 18 channels, therefore up to 36 channels two cards available for tally output. Sequence Memory Operation Examples Page Page – Editing Sequences: Page Table of Contents 1. Right-click Hv-s350hs Network Places, and choose Properties.

Changing Settings or Values by Using the Numeric Keypad Users can also use the keypad to input numerical settings to a menu.

For.A HVSHS Type B M/E Switcher HVSHS TYPE B B&H

Copying And Deleting Steps Other Menu Access Buttons There are three different types. This lets you make various settings while viewing the picture.

Advanced Example 1 using Key Insert Aux Delay Line The clip memory can be used as a delay buffer. You can easily hvs-350hx the events to be called up and the time to assist to the registered status, thereby avoiding the tedious task of using a sequence function that requires you to select pattern. To cancel the operation, press F4.