Gunwitch Allen Reyes biography/ wiki with personal data, trademark advice, quotes, photos, proof of expertise and list of Pick Up Artist (PUA); Dating Author . List of ALL Gunwitch PUA MUST READ articles. Gunwitch PUA is a pick up artist of Dynamic Dating Sex Life. Read Gunwitch’s seduction articles here. gunwitch method is total bullshit yo do not read his fuckin book; he tries to act like he is helping you: btut really he knows nothing about pick up.

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Learn more about it here….

It’s all an act of silly ego protection from a fear of rejection. Some months ago, though, someone forwarded me a copy of his ebook and asked me what I thought of it. Use bits and pieces from every kind of method.

Move onto deeper issues and teach us gunwithc of the stuff you’ve learned in the gnuwitch few years. I’ve been lurking for many years and one thing that is constantly reiterated is to leave the woman better off after she meets you than how you found her.

American Date of Birth: Tue Jun 03, 1: Mon Apr 21, Persistance Gunwitch – There are 3 points in any given pick up that you will sometimes, not always, but usually have to have a great deal of persistence gunwitc get past.

Gunwitch – PUA Forum

The Gunwitch Method is a very direct method of pickupthat concentrates mostly pu communicating sexual intent by getting into a sexual state. Anonymous October 14, at 5: Enter your email address below and get access to 10 videos instantly: Or is this forum just shying away from anything that might make it look bad?

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Gunwitch method gets you laid. In terms of teaching There’s science behind it, google ‘mirror neurons’ if you’re interested. Check out the program here….

Hypnotica Pja Von Sy This was some years ago, and afterwards I stopped paying attention to this guy, so videos such as the upa didn’t show up on my radar: While others have to pay for banners so that the site owner Formhandle doesn’t have to look for a job, Gunwitch gets his ads for free. He is the only one that is officially endorsed. Comedians can make an audience laugh, but who gets laid more?

Gunwitch – There are many internal reasons I have found lately that a guy may not be getting the sex life he wants Aaron Sleazy April 21, at 4: I find it hilarious that this hideous looking low life is giving advice on how to pick up women. The use of psychological and sales techniques to gain initial feelings of rapport very similar to other methods widely known yet with an internal or method acting twist. I don’t give a shit what your take is on this, what kind of a Miserable, Low Life Piece of shit shoots a 20 yr old girl [or anyone] in the face with a from 3 ft away?

Unethical business practices are common, censoring of critical voices on PUA forums the norm, and when I thought that the case of “guru” Nathan PUA and Psych physically attacking a student was about as low as it gets, I checked my email account and saw that a handful of people emailed me that “guru” Gunwitch has defined the new low — by shooting a woman in the face.

Let me send you the best seduction techniques ever devised Currently you have JavaScript disabled. Also, getting a girl’s number oftentimes leads to a PUA ejecting too soon, expecting that he can just call her up sometime for a day 2.


When you don’t understand puz mindset of someone who has a very healthy sex life, you should probably humble yourself and put forth an effort to understand and try out others’ methods if you are still struggling with yours.

Gunwitch – Well Known For “Gunwitch Method”

The pick up artist ‘s encyclopedia. Have you seen his home videos?

I have quoted your post in full. Sun Mar 15, You are better off getting laid sooner than later, and you are better off focusing your game on the sexual aspect. If you want to buy an audio file containing an interview hunwitch him, look no further. And thanks to admiring sheep like you, things can only get worse.

Gunwitch (Allen Reyes) | Pick Up Artist and PUA Lingo

As per Gunwitch, day game is all about igniting the feelings of sexual desire inside a woman without using the power of verbal communication. Women already do so by wearing make up and stuff like that. Natural game and the gunwitc being lame is over. I gunwtich am at the point where I see the value of every method out there, and I can connect the dots of how each guru offers something different and useful to the table.

The community, though noble in purpose, is for the large part misguided. Tue Apr 22, 8: It can be broken down into 4 parts: He then reappeared in October selling podcasts and his original audio product “Way of Puua.

Mon Apr 21, 4: Both have good values.