The Official Home of God Almighty’s Grand Unified Theorem (GAGUT) Department of Mathematics Seaman Neck Road, Dix Hills, New York, Instead of explaining the so-called GAGUT theorem, he goes about saying .. God Almighty’s Grand Unified Theorem (GAGUT) or the Unified Field Theory or. The God Almighty Grand Unification Theory (GAGUT) proposed by Oyibo to unify . mindedness within the general philosophy of a grand unified theorem rather.

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I’m sure it won’t wash with me, because’ I really dislike maths. For example, Nigeria is being portrayed globally as a nation of scammers, particularly in the foreign news media. Spirituality was the tool that the ancient Africans used in their presentation of their worldview or their understanding of the universe. While the proponents of String, Relativity and Quantum theories hope to use one of these theories to accomplish Unification of the forces, String Theory is definitely not the only theory that can be used for Unification.

This roughly says that human existence has witnessed five 5 types of universe so far. The Ancient African Universe was characterized, as was said earlier, by the development of Khemistry also called the mystery of the Ancient Africans or black magic and Umaa, Maat also called MaatMaaticos Mathematics or geometry, which is the science of space. Yet another Einstein saying: Thanks also for giving me the opportu nity to get in contact with great scientists from all around the world.

This is important because only if all elements necessary for life, it is in principle possible that life can arise. You are what you eat, drink and inhale and it is those things that make you sick. Viruses that attack the body’s T-cells are not living organisms and therefore cannot be killed.


In antiquity, religion, science and philosophy were unified and was called spirituality. American Mathematical Society Prof. I personally find this conclusion suspect, if only because Lawrence Henderson was made of carbon and water and metabolizing free oxygen. What about funding G.

Our usual procedures after seeing such revelations would include an in house rigorous debate on thdorem scrutiny of the revelations. Therefore, the work is subdivided into several parts.

Medical sciences attempt to protect life. The web site you are trying to access has exceeded its allocated data transfer. There was great deal of skepticism, a reaction that is consistent with and expected of such a significant discovery. My presence here today underscores the great esteem which the Federal Government of Nigeria accords one of Africa’s most eminent sons, Professor Gabriel Oyibo.

That changed the fate of the Jews, as that discovery led to the first atomic bomb in the US, to where several Jews then moved, following Einstein’s settling down gheorem Princeton University. I was also working upon this theory; since my theory was different God was different to me.

Oyibo A valuable addition to your personal collection. Oyibo will be celebrated at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and throughout the academic and scientific worlds. Therefore, all of the world prize foundations, such as the Nobel, now have all the proofs, reasons, and ingredients that compel them to give those prizes to Professor G.


Foreigners convince themselves that the Africans are so stupid that they can only be given an inferior education. Helfried Biernat, for his support and inspiration during writing this work. We have received various comments from other mathematicians.


Believe it or not, most of the people on this board are smart people, people who can discern wrong from right. Funny how in one breath, Oyibo says God “created” atum Adam and in the very next he says God “manifested”.

Relativity theory for example was so difficult to understand that during its discovery, Professor Arthur Stanley Eddington of Cambridge University, a highly respected mathematician, was said to have been interviewed by some journalists who wanted him to clarify the rumor that they heard about relativity. It is also valid for any processes, any forms of matter, waves, forces of all kinds, visible and invisible things and indeed anything from the largest to the smallest in size.

Is there some aspect gaguut G. Nicholas Copernicus, who determined the center of the solar system to be the Sun, which is called a Heliocentric Solar System, revised the Ptolemaic Universe.

G.A.G.U.T. |

Crabtree Gerald Rodney Crabtree thomson. He is eminently qualified for the Nobel Prize in Physics. Six themes on variation Nr. We are specifically requesting tueorem you lead a delegation from your church of at least 10 people to this workshop at the end of this month or in October.

Miller, Copper Mountain Colorado August