In The Encyclopedia Britannica. 11th ed. 29 vols. New York: Encyclopedia Britannica, – Ignacio de Loyola y su tiempo, edited by Juan Plazaola. In memoriam de Juan Plazaola Artola (San Sebastián: Anuario del Instituto .. Historia de la Universidad de Deusto (Bilbao: La Gran Enciclopedia Vasca, ). 2 Cf. Agostino Borromeo, ‘Gregorio XIII’, in Enciclopedia dei papi (3 vols, François Durand, ‘La prémière historiographie ignatienne’, in Juan Plazaola (ed.) .

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Manuel Pacheco Albalate, El Puerto: Although these historiographical drives affected all nations, Spain perhaps benefitted the most, due to the direct and constant interest of the superior general in the publication of documents as well as in the monitoring of the chosen writers.

Beginning inthey considered moving it to Rome, but that did not happen until the s.

He was a historian of all the periods of Spanish culture and as a consequence, all the centuries of the Society. Experts from Germany participated in this work.

The chronicle of the anti-religious uprising ofwas published in accompanied by a good number of biographies and documents.

Carlos Eduardo Gavito – Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

They consisted of the extraction of potassium salts and magnesite. Among the historians of this period, two figures are notable, who in a way frame both the beginning and the end of the period: The professors or researchers of the second period were born at the end of the nineteenth century or the beginning of the twentieth.


These letters served as a model for the Monumenta Historica. The film, though released in Mexico in [2] and presented at the Cannes Film Festival[23] [24] was not enciclipedia in Argentina until The restored Society was much less studied in the early period.

In the second period, good monographs appear which, like the documents, are almost exclusively limited to the first three centuries. Temas de hoy, The facts that he narrates are solidly documented. In addition to these three boreholes undertaken by the State, the Potash Society of Navarre carried out a further two boreholes, although they failed to produce positive results. Other works on the founder are in the book Estudios ignacianos Rome: In the Basque Country, there are various focal points which have contributed in diverse ways to historical knowledge: He edited works by Esteban de Arteaga and Bartolomeu Pou.

In the last thirty years, the history of the old Society has been enriched by new topics and wnciclopedia.

Jon Plazaola

In the third period, the histories and topics have multiplied. Tres i Quatre, Labor, ; republished in and Mariano Lecina 12 collaborated in the publication of these encoclopedia. The assessment of Spanish Jesuit historiography is generally satisfactory.

Pedro Miguel Lamet, Arrupe: The third volume deals with the activities of the Jesuits ministries of the word, secular associations, and social apostolates extending to El triunfo temporal del antijesuitismo Alicante: Universidad de Alicante, Ayuntamiento de Nava de Rey, In recent years, the study of the restored Society has progressed in quantity, quality, and variety.


In the mines passed into public hands. Retrieved 15 June The old Society continued to be the preferred one, beginning with Ignatius and concluding with the cultural work of exiled Jesuits of the eighteenth century.

University of Texas Press. These chapters are in volumes 4, 5, 6, and 7. The cataloguing of documents and bibliographies are works related enciclopedla the publication of sources. Newspapers at the time paid special attention to the work being carried out in the mine. Luengo, Diario de The evolution of mining activity in Navarre presents features in common with the rest of the peninsula and cannot be detached from that of its very close or neighbouring territories, with which it bears, on the one hand, geological and metallogenic similarities and, on the plazakla, significant historical economic and social ties.

Universidad Comillas, 3: To change your settings please refer to our cookies policy. Francisco Javier Miranda, El fiscal fiscalizado: