En Cuerpo y Alma: Visiones del Progreso y de La Felicidad: Zandra Pedraza Gomez: Books – En Cuerpo y Alma – Visiones del Progreso y de La Felicidad (English, Spanish, Paperback) / Author: Zandra Pedraza Gomez ; ; Archaeology. : En Cuerpo y Alma: Visiones del Progreso y de La Felicidad ( Spanish Edition) () by Zandra Pedraza Gomez and a great.

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As part of Colombia’s project of nation-building in the late nineteenth century, two types of discourse emerged around the ordering and guiding of national subjects.

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Lavishly illustrated in color throughout. University of North Carolina Press, Publications Pages Publications Pages. The Law 30 of the Constitution was the one that establish the origin of the Central Board of Hygiene.

Learned colonists applied these ideas to the project of colonial expansion in the New World.

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The creation of the Junta was a sign of the discourse of hygiene’s rising hegemony within state policy, aimed at ensuring the health of the citizens. So, hygiene had to do not only with the conditioning of individual bodies but also with the distribution cuepo such bodies in space.

The third committee had the responsibility to monitor the sanitary conditions in factories and the health of their employees, zwndra the spread of animal diseases, promoting health strategies such as vaccination campaigns and the organization of medical assistance for sick homeless populations.

With the intention of erasing the obstacles to progress and economic development, one of the first activities of the Central Board “was the establishment of quarantines in city ports to comply with international conventions.

Add to shopping cart More information. Within the new regime, language confirmed the relationship between “hispanidad, catolicidad y patria” hispanity, Catholicism and nationhoodthus promoting Hispanic unification and, implicitly.


Punk, for an interview with Zebest.

Both libraries possess a virtual catalog from which PDF versions of these materials can be downloaded. University of California Press, Despite this food nationalism, a physiology- and energy-based conception of the human body remained profoundly connected with a racialized view of pedgaza working cuefpo in the plan for creating the modern citizen, as well as a dietary hierarchy expressed in caloric terms.

The actions of the Academy of Language set favorable conditions of the regeneration of language, by establishing norms for the use of language and publishing usage manuals and grammar treatises. Customers outside Australia – This item will incur extra postage charges as it will weigh over 1KG.

The article 10 was one of the most crucial articles of the regulations.

En Cuerpo y Alma : Visiones del Progreso y de La Felicidad

Additionally, the municipal reports from various Colombian cities contain relevant information, although there is no single archive that has them. Centenario de la OPS. Grammar and hygiene together established, with varying intensity at the end of nineteenth century, the rules of the true: Rather, its real success is that it allows the state to re-establish the limits of citizenship at a foggy hygienic border and at the same time produce and reproduce the barbararian, legitimating the containment of restive communities.

Department of Spanish and Portuguese. With more meat consumption would come greater individual vigor and greater collective progress and civilization. There are several scientific journals with relative longevity that make it possible to track the development of nutritional practices and discourse and their relationship to notions of race and nation. In these libraries, it is also possible to consult the medical-degree theses that students used to publish upon completing their studies.

Paradoxically the success of this political project was base in its failure. Editorial Norma,— A groundbreaking work that tackles these three periods together, for the case of Mexico, is the already-classic book by Jeffrey M. Cambridge University Press, ; Alexandre C. Although these discourses showed that the bodies and diets of different populations were beginning to be perceived as objects of political intervention for the moral and material progression of society, 17 it was not until the end of the 19th century that specific nutritional research and food policies were considered.


This book takes the reader on an exquisite journey through ninety years of fashion, from onward, exploring designers, silhouettes and shapes, prints and fabrics, and other details.

I am referring here to the distribution of the bodies as a way to include them by excluding them, by separating them. Evidently, the intervention of the Board reached both the public and private spheres.

The propagation of epidemics and diseases were one of the biggest concerns for the Board: At the end of nineteenth century and mostly in the first part of twentieth century medicine begins to overlap with the priorities promoted through language politics and little by little became hegemonic before the end of the century, emerging as the type of knowledge privileged in the drive to modernize the country.

These works on physiology, the body, and alm have introduced new elements to the theoretical discussion on the pertinence of relating the notion of race—and scientific racism—to historical discourses and practices on human difference, exclusion, and hierarchization during the colonial period.

University of Pittsburgh Press,