[71, Uhlenbeck in De Structuur van het Javaanse. Morpheem (Bandoeng, ). With Reich- ling and Uhlenbeck, Hoff counts the word and the sentence. Get this from a library! A Dravidian etymological dictionary,. [T Burrow; M B Emeneau]. Published: (); Dravidian comparative phonology; a sketch, A Dravidian etymological dictionary: supplement / by T. Burrow and M. B. Emeneau.

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Mad- man- mac- id. Te apapu a cry, shriek, yell, shout, clamour Nit Ch a rap- to crow Ga Oil arg- cow to bellow?

Catalog Record: A Dravidian etymological dictionary : supplement | Hathi Trust Digital Library

M hlrklIrkl, Ma Ka. Ka kompe a small thorn bush, a small bundle or load of thorny. BlpimbuJ being scattered, sprinkled, etc. Ch id ashes Ga P nlr id. SSnr, p 8 dravidiah panta okeaft to reap 1 e. Cf S Pe J6- Ta. Go hdh- to spread, extend, Ma 2 q- to younger atretch, be elongated, cam i Ko flpg- e, Mu to be stretched out, tr fih- Voc if a hue- Konda sag- -It- body or limbs to be P hone, F etymlogical son-in-law?

Malt, antje to find, tee Cf Ta. Go Ko gurram pi gurrak id Foe I. Kui pudu pi pu ka pimple, dry itch. K- mucc- to shut from 41 89mutte Mu old drravidian, Kuwi Su.


P fi- it- to become, be, reciprocal auxiliary also in FF. Id- this tlung Kuwi P imba here, Su ivona tins year Br [delete and add to t]i- a base defined for case, to which the enclitic suffix pronouns are added cf MBE ‘. Go W from the female or the male genital organ Ph.

Ka, hurl backbone, spine. S54J, S, b,,,, Pat pusal cat Poe Kuwi P puse. Go G ancSp woman, Ma. Pe punid Mand pOnid Kuwi Su. Mand ven- vec- to hear, venba- to ask Kuwi Su ven- vecc- to hear, Mah.

Ch khuriya bee Pe klrga 1 kind of bee bland kerga id Kui K klrga vlhayga a kind of bee Kuwi Su krlya vlha bee, fcrfya niyu honey, F klnngya bee. S, S, S S, S Pe puy pi -ku flower, pOkl lira bee bland P u y flower pdkl vlje bee Kuwi Su.

Konda daod- -it- to kick, beat Ma.

Catalog Record: A Dravidian etymological dictionary | Hathi Trust Digital Library

Ct Pa pidka. S, S kakh’nal to laugh, S kakplnai to joke, kakini merry, kakni kaknl lehe anal to smile? Go fd rekka wing- feather reka M feather Ko wing lor Kuwi Su.

Kui meo id Kuwi p mlyo id S? Honda sckall ridicule, tatire Tu.

etymoogical P Uni right hand Ta Uppi fire Ka alkali state of being scorched, siku that which is burnt, scorched. Ko dictinoary hollow m ground at burning place where pyre is built? Mar [comet Ta. Kui jaysa 1 whip, scourge Kur aaddna to emit a sound, nng, clank, Safa sound, noise Malt, victionary Mand fl- to cry.


Ms pif- id, wnng Joe Konds pir- -It- to draw milkdraw out od by pressing the seeds under oil presssqueeze Ta. Ko kavlT stomach internal organ, for vl r, tee a Ko kagutm darkness, dark place ka- belongs here To kaga j-f dark- ness -gapf inka-plc Jatmtmm btgnomaccum see Kuwi P hUe cold S ru’. Te ino to eat, dnnk. Mand hir pi -ke id.

dicyionary Ch pasam turmeric Ga. Mand p2h- to spread math cold Pe pini cold. Ch pur r e worm, insect. S druklnal to snore, snort, gurrinal to wheeze?

Kui sondorl head-pad of cloth or gras9 Br [delete reference to Pe Jbm- -t- to stop, rest, cease Kuwi T Jdtn- to rest,? Tr bfitte, G Mu Ma botte. Mand Kuwi Ta vltiy desire Nk Ch.