CRAIN’S PETROPHYSICAL COURSES ARE BACK!! We are pleased to. INTEGRATED PETROPHYSICS Petrophysics is the study of the physical and. To Order eBook Reference Manuals with Exercises Click “Course Details”.

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I handbooj how user-friendly it is and the explanations are pretty straightforward and easy to understand. I was looking for conversion of Water Salinity to resistivity and found it on your page https: Oh, and also warm greetings from my lecturer.

It is a pleasure to be in contact with you. You are among the few that make our world a better place.

D, India “I have used your site a number of times, the Pocket Pal is very useful, especially for quick crsin when I am working on a logging problem. I frequently refer to my copy of Crain’s Petrophysical Handbook.

Crain’s Petrophysical Handbook

I appreciate you sharing your knowledge and taking the time to explain every aspect of Formation Evaluation so clearly from “In the petrophysiczl. From everything that I have seen, he could not be more on target.

It is one of the standard reference I use with great regularity. Pstrophysical only wish we would have had something t his comprehensive offered during university. The information in the website as helped me a lot in the past, and would like to contribute with my fee.


The 3rd millennium edition is a welcome work which I look forward to with great interest. I scored a 9. Your website is a wealth of great information and tools. I am a chemical engineer that has been in the oil patch for 25 years.

I think a lot of authors just get so hanndbook at a topic that they make assumptions that one thing or another is obvious. That is certainly one handsome desk petrophyscal you sent me. I read some chapter of your book and it help me alot. You have an impressive amount of information collected and made available. I plan to buy some of your craij materials too.

Texas “Your website is peteophysical the Smithsonian Library of well log information. The math was presented as computer-ready formulas instead of the traditional “solve it if you can” style of all previous textbooks. Your website solidified my knowledge on many petrophysical concepts, including shaly sand phie and sw.

I was fascinated by the techie material, really useful — I was after old 3 legged dipmeter hints, and I found just what I needed. This site and you are a life saver.

The Handbook is still unique in its broad coverage of petrophysics and its easy access to geoscientists around the world. I ordered drain CD, excellent value”, Barry J. I appreciate you for that. Some concepts are, after you have seen and applied them a few times. G, Houston “I was impressed with how succinct and well organized your information and the theory was put together.


Crain’s Petrophysical Handbook

I did not take a single geology class at University – everything I know I have learned from you! My instructor was adamant about how useful we would find your site. You have pettophysical a tremendous job by displaying your book online cost free. Your suggestions were really helpful in getting this high score. I just have this sudden urge to pwtrophysical you! Lots of good stuff that I needed. M, Houston “Congratulations on an excellent site.

I truly appreciate all the effort you have put into your site and the accompanying documentation. Thank you for making our world a better place. Your book is a definite must for anyone in petrophysics.

I am reservoir geologist working in Algeria.

I really want to go high in this field and your pedigree is petropnysical attracts me most. H, Houston “What a great resource your web page is. Now I love this course. I am reviewing many of your pages.

This learning aid has what all of my books are lacking; worked out examples of the most basic concepts.