Covenantal Apologetics. Study Key Issues in Apologetics and Its Relationship with Christian Doctrine. Curated from a lecture series by K. Scott Oliphint. In his latest work, Covenantal Apologetics, K. Scott Oliphint seeks to recast Cornelius Van Til’s presuppositional apologetics as “covenantal apologetics” – a . Covenantal Apologetics has ratings and 59 reviews. Andrew said: This book was good in more carefully defining presuppositional apologetics as covenan.

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This is his goal, to do apologetics in a way that is faithful to Scripture and therefore in a way that honors God. But this “foundational God” does not stand at a distance from His creation; rather, He has condescended to reveal Himself to, and interact with, His creation in several ways.

This also means that the common ground between the believer and unbeliever, the covenant keeper and covenant breaker, is the knowledge of God. In chapter seven, Oliphint attempts a critique of Islam, but his discussion is philosophically bent and may not be overly helpful in witnessing to Muslims. It’s easy to read a lot about method, but to see it put into action is most instructive and most likely to give the reader an understanding of how to use the material.

The discussion on probability as it relates to a naturalistic worldview get pretty heady pretty quickly, but it is definitely worth looking at and was especially edifying covensntal me. But this book is not for the faint of heart. May 21, Royce rated it it was amazing Shelves: Suppression of covenaantal truth, like the depravity of sin, is total but not absolute. Or if you apologetifs just wanting some apologetic insight, it is a book worth reading. Thus, Christianity is true and anything opposing it is false.

It is an interesting read my copy which was new, is now covered in coovenantal, highlighting and noteshowever I found myself disagreeing with the author about as often as I disagree with authors like Heidegger if not more. Mar 02, Simon Wartanian rated it it was amazing. I appreciate Oliphint’s striving towards espousing a Scriptural, Covenantal apologetic but found his verbatim-type conversations utilizing way more systematic theology and philosophy than I had hoped.


For example, the sample dialogue between a covenantal apologist and Daniel Dennett, an accomplished proponent of evolution chapter 6sheds much light on how an engagement with evolutionary theory should proceed. My pastor swears by it, so I gave it another try. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

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Covenantal Apologetics: Principles and Practice in Defense of Our Faith by K. Scott Oliphint

Any notion of clvenantal will have to allow that if this is true, then there is no incompatibility between God’s character and the character of human beings. A very good book. This “sense of the divine” influences how we form our arguments with unbelievers and how we approach the discipline of apologetics. Dec 03, Steve Hemmeke rated it liked it.

Woven into the very fabric of who they are, men have a knowledge of God. Apologetics is thought of by some to be an arcane discipline, and the Presuppositional brand of apologetics to be even more so.

It was probably enough to convince the mind of an unbeliever; but, at least from my conversations with unbelievers, it likely wouldn’t be enough to persuade the heart. Oliphant provided strong arguments against unbiblical worldviews that hit right at the issue.

These general contours of a covenantal apologetic are well demonstrated in several “sample dialogues” that Oliphint includes in his work. The first necessary principle in answering the pathos ckvenantal is rooted in the character of God Himself. There were many outstanding moments in this book. I still remember at a church where I was on staff that I found out through the grapevine that I believed onlypeople would e Apologetics. As a result, the conversations could often seem kind of truncated and impersonal.

The book is packed with content. The book unpacks ten tenets: Oliphint includes three model-discussions to see how a “Covenant Apologist” would deal with different worldviews. This book is more about Jesus than just winning an argument or gathering good enough facts to try to convert someone. It shows that God alone can be the foundation to all knowledge. This book didn’t add anything knew to the overall system of PA, but apoogetics doesn’t point out some very good conversation roads PA need to be aware of and have and to make sure they are committing themselves to the Scriptures.


But Oliphint’s seemed to be more focused on converting the unbeliever into a Calvinist, than just into a Christian. I think all Christians who find themselves contending for the faith once and all received should take time to read and consider covenantal apologetics.

Covenantal Apologetics: Principles and Practice in Defense of Our Faith

Scott Oliphint is a very interesting and essential book. It is the truth of God’s revelation, together with the Holy Spirit, that brings about a covenantal change from one who is in Adam to one who is in Christ. Boy, what a beast of a book, but what a beneficial piece to read. This problem will be partially solved just by focusing enough to take the pace intended by the author and giving enough time to each chapter.

One almost is left with the covsnantal that those readers who understand Oliphint’s explanations did not need his explanations, while those readers who would benefit from an explanation will not be helped by the explanations that he provides.

Covenantal Apologetics : K. Scott Oliphint :

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. I still remember at a church where I was on staff that I found out through the grapevine that I believed onlypeople would ever be saved.

In this sample dialogue, Oliphint both provides suggestions on how to respond to evolutionary objections and gives one apologetice example of how non-believers suppress the knowledge of God that is imbedded within them. Sep 13, Jason Garwood rated it it was amazing. There have been many attempts to popularize him. Every christian should learn the covenantal approach, or at least listen through RTS’s apologetics series with John Frame.