Slav defence, most of the open lines. Soft cover. Number of pages GM Konstantin Sakaev, twice Olympic champion, is joining the Chess Evolution team and will be publishing two books on the Slav defense. Web Forum: ChessPub Forum – Complete Slav by Sakaev.

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Just purchasing something like this http: In the Botvinnik, there is a line the one with FIDE based on just 27 games. I always use chesslive.

Konstantin Sakaev: “Complete Slav I”

There are plenty of opening books in which less important lines are covered: Ditto for that other resource you mention, I have no excuse for missing that. Needless to say some of those databases are excellent and much better than ICCF archives. As for game dates not passing in correspondence, this can be chalked up to not seeing anything newer of interest at the time of writing at the time!

I only could speak about the line I have analysed before with other sources or by myself, maybe there is part of the book which is better but I have the impression that I didn’t learn much not much prose, and analysis not always that profound.

At the moment, I haven’t found big mistakes in Sakaev book for example a line given as equal while this is losing, or the oppositebut there is many omissions or “avorted” analysis. I can’t speak for the whole book but about the lines I have studied a lot, I can say that the book is far from “complete”.


But later in the end of the chapter, Sakaev says: Discussion forum for ChessPublishing. All of presented variations are analyzed to the same level as those described in the first part of the series.

Not great coverage though imho, but not bad either. Discount will be calculated in the shopping basket. Part 1 Play The Dutch: It’s free and there is both otb and correspondance in it.

Temporarily out of stock In stock.

Chebanenko – Still Improved! Complete Slav by Sakaev Read times. Don’t intend to ever buy vol. Dreev didn’t check The prohibition for “outsiders” to get access to the files is not very zakaev since anyone who knows an ICCF-member can get the files forwarded.

Curious to have the Meran and Slav and not the hybrid Anand used in the Gelfand match ie Nbd7 in the Meran. Since Dreev’s book, there have been a lot of Sakaev’s book has no bibliography, and 0!!

Complete Slav II – Konstantin Sakaev

Bg5 are examined deeply, namely Moscow I will endeavor to append the analysis in an update. Or is it hidden away somewhere – doesn’t appear in table of contents? Bg4 in a complete comp,ete but he could have seen there elav some games that save Black game with an improvment Ludde Full Member Offline So much theory.

The author, Konstantin Sakaev, is a strong Grandmaster and double gold medal winner with the Russian Olympiad team.

And this is not the only example of that type Paulsen’s book is far from perfect too, but the good side of Paulsen’s book is sav it contains correspondance games but this book has no games more recents thanno bibliography.

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Click here to email swkaev. There are also several tuned corr databases in circulation made by enthusiasts but I won’t mention anything specific because they all border on the illegal. Publishedsoftback, pages. What on earth were they thinking?

ChessPub Forum – Complete Slav by Sakaev

Just register for ICCF, which is free, and download the games. I do appreciate when people bring games of interest to me, because I am not omniscient.

I think that one thing that might be confusing is that there are several ways depending on the tournament how the gamescores are made public. Out is final volume: Well, I sold my copy of vol. The problem is that you can’t see the tree after the first 15 moves so for example, about the line I have mentionned in the anti-moscow, I checked EVERY GAMES one by one having 2 correspondance games as White right now, and should win compplete, but despite that, it could be playable for Blackit took much time.

I own “the Slav” from Burgess too, and Dreev’s books. The Main-Line, Meran, Botvinnik variation and much more.

Please Login or Register. And I liked his advice very much. Very usefull if you use it as a start for investigation. I could compare the books in some chapters. Thoughtfully concealed in two different places, as well.