Nicky Marlow needs a job. He’s engaged to be married and the employment market is pretty slim in Britain in So when his fiancé points. : Cause for Alarm (): Eric Ambler: Books. Cause for Alarm and millions of other books are available for Amazon Kindle. : Cause for Alarm (Penguin Modern Classics) (): Eric Ambler: Books.

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Ambler aveva evidentemente fonti serie a disposizione. He “had never regarded himself as a particularly courageous caues. The somewhat ironically named Marlow – ironic because he’s the complete opposite of Chandler’s Philip Marlowe – spends the whole time acting like a paranoid tourist with the backbone of C3PO.

However, it is the escape from Milan through the North Eastern Italy to safety in Yugoslavia, after the Italian authorities discover the plot alsrm Marlow is mixed in, which forms the best part of the book.

This isn’t his best book from the ’30’s, but it isn’t so bad, for all that. It isn’t very often I find an author that was born into a puppet show, I wonder if that was a fun childhood. Now that he is a voracious reader, he will always give the credit to that Coelho book even if in reality, the novel is nothing but mediocre.

As soon as I started reading this I recognized it, and recalled thoroughly enjoying it; I must have read it many years ago, because I never knew what was coming next but found each scene familiar as I lived through it again.

Cause For Alarm

Text in English pp, Classic crime noir by Ambler. The bon vivant Irish-American — who along with other great directors from Hollywood like George Stevens and John Ford took time out Preface sets you up for another classic Ambler and highlights what a remarkable character he was himself.

The relationship between Germany and Italy – the Rome-Berlin axis that was formed in the latter half of the s – provides a backdrop to the plot and there is a tangible sense of the looming war that would shatter Europe just a few years later. While Kenton becomes a spy by mistake, Vadassy is mistaken for a spy.

Nella foto un giovane James Mason. Nicky Marlow needs a job.

The central character, Nicky Marlow, is one that most readers will warm to. Machine engineer Nicky Marlow finds himself out of a job and, in a time of recession, can’t find another.

But overall it falls one star short of perfect because it relies too heavily on dialogue: Having just entered into the Axis alliance with Nazi Germany, Italy is a hotbed of espionage, and Marlow, because of his access to Italian weapons factories, immediately attracts the attentions of various spies as well as the Causee secret police. There is no way Marlow could legally leave Italy, especially after an arrest warrant has been issued for him by the authorities.

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Boards are black, and all print on the spine is very sharp.

Cause for Alarm by Eric Ambler | : Books

The sense that everything is just about to come crashing down around Europe’s ears is very strong in this the book’s prophetic; it appeared inas is the depiction, through the often infuriating figure of Nicky, of English complacency in the face of the storm that was building.

During a six-month secondment to the firm’s cable works in Gloucestershire, he wrote the first two chapters of a realist novel, in the manner of Arnold Bennett, based on the life of his father.

Jun 20, Ches Torrants rated it really liked it. Mega Buzz Inc Condition: Now they were caught in a trap. By the late 50s, deep into the cold war, the story of a British or American innocent abroad stumbling into trouble was an increasingly difficult one for an intelligent writer to tell. Both Graham Greene no slouch in this department and Alfred Hitchcock sing his praises on the cover of this edition.

Maybe he did, I’ll have to go look him up tooI have just spent ten minutes looking for Charles Rodda and have found nothing so far poor guy so I decided to return to the book and the man who wrote this book and I’ll continue my search later. According to his autobiography, Here LiesAmbler completed Cause For Alarm in an out-of-season hotel in the French Alps which was so cold that the owners heated up bricks on the hotel stove, wrapped them in newspaper and distributed them to guests.

The dust jacket is in Good condition, with edge wear, two small. This is another fast-paced Ambler espionage novel that will keep you turning the pages.

It would be unfair to reveal too much of the plot.

Cause for Alarm (novel) – Wikipedia

If you like spy novels, then I am sure you would enjoy this one. Rebound in contemporary green buckram. Ambler wrote the final parts of the novel with a hot brick in his lap and another on his feet.

But Zaleshoff accurately predicts this is only bait for, once Marlow has sent a report or two, Vagas will have enough evidence to blackmail him into doing significantly more work, namely writing additional reports about everything he sees and overhears as he goes about his legitimate visits to Italian munitions factories.

But the skill of this novel more than its predecessors is the in-depth way it shows you how these lights and values are not enough.

Dangerous games

The most hateful character of all is Saridza’s chief henchman, Captain Mailler. Email required Address never made public.

In the dozen thrillers Ambler wrote between the s and the 80s there is a falling off of interest in the leftish political themes of his earlier books, as he becomes ever more intrigued by the shady, unsavoury characters whom he would once have cast as villains – an outstanding example is Paul Firman, the narrator of Send No More Roses The bon vivant Irish-American — who along with other great directors from Hollywood like George Stevens and John Ford took time out to film on the frontlines at some risk to themselves — went on to observe of Ambler: Balterghen, Saridza and their many cronies.


Who do they trust? The plot and its development good. In fact, Ambler started a trend for engaging, historically and politically aware, credible spy fiction that has since given us such wonderful writers as John Le Carre, Len Deighton, Charles McCarr I love reading espionage fiction.

Thinking that that was the way to get business, Marlow takes the bait, then finds himself caught in a web of intrigue that he must get himself out of to ultimately maintain his professional integrity and ultimately his life.

Possible BCE as no price on dj. Text is very nice with no visible wear, no owner’s marks. Colonel Haki reappeared rather sooner, making a cameo appearance in Journey into Fear, which was published inand set during the first months of the war.

He begins to pay more attention to the morality when peculiar characters intrude more frequently into what he hoped would be routine, and then he finds out his predecessor may have been murdered, and then… Ambler is considered one of the fathers of the modern political thriller, a big influence on later writers like Graham Greene and John LeCarre — his work is most easily compared to Hitchcock films, where a normal Jane or Joe stumbles into a situation beyond their control or understanding.

Someone who is not a spy or an operative of any kind is caught up in a web of intrigue through which he must navigate to come out the end in one piece. Before long he was working full-time as an advertising copywriter. The first novel he wrote after the second world war, Judgment on Deltchevabout a Stalinist show trial in eastern Europe, provoked a flurry of hostile responses from former comrades.

They are more or less the only sane, honest, reliable people in the book.

Ambler is warning his readership against the scheming cuse the Nazi’s and the Facists as represented by the scheming Vargas and the untrustworthy Bellenetti. He was eventually drafted into the army film unit, writing the script for The Way Aheaddirected by Carol Reed and starring David Niven.