Boneshaker [Cherie Priest] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In the early days of the Civil War, rumors of gold in the frozen Klondike. Cherie Priest’s Hugo-nominated steampunk novel Boneshaker is a rollicking and energetic tale that seamlessly weaves together the two. A steampunk-zombie-airship adventure of rollicking pace and sweeping proportions This book is made of irresistible Scott Westerfeld.

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The one serious weakness that kept grating on me as I read was that the bonshaker never convincingly explains why so many people continue to live in the blighted area where they face constant deprivation and danger. There should be a lot more of muffled words, huhs and Come again? Finally opened it again today and finished the last or so pages, proving at least one of two things: She has other projects too: Retrieved 14 January Machinery you can understand.

Blue’s machine, The Bo This is one of the reviews here on Goodreads you will have the pleasure of reading in full right here. Zeke makes his way into the walled city, determined to find his parents’ old house on the hill and discover something that will redeem Levi Blue in the eyes and minds of the population of Seattle.

Chedie for those who don’t know, Boneshaker is actually only the first volume of a coming trilogy Priest calls the “Clockwork Century,” a sweeping look at an entire alternative s, one in which the Civil War has turned into a twenty-year Vietnam-like bloody stalemate, and where the Republic of Texas discovers oil a good 50 years before they do in real life, funding a this-time successful revolution which leads to them now being their own sovereign nation.

Boneshaker by Cherie Priest – review

He was not an attractive man to begin with, but when his plain, workman looks were combined with his sheer size, it was all Briar could do not to run. Briar, however, doubts this. Sep 23, Jason Pettus rated it it was amazing Shelves: I love the premise. While working through this reading byy I got married, went on my honeymoon, switched career and became a father.


Boneshaker (The Clockwork Century, #1) by Cherie Priest

We never get a decent reason for why she never left the outskirts. If you enjoyed this article, please consider sharing it!

Hurst lunged up from the sofa, saliva splattering from his vicious maw, his eyes sunken in and rolled back into his head. He is a highly controlling man, having a large number of people under his employment and making the residents of Seattle indebted to him.

And only Briar can bring him out alive. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Yield all ye plunder to me!

The only son of Briar and Leviticus Blue, Zeke hates the way his mother is treated to due his late father’s reputation. It was bad enough that it was a steam punk novel, but OMG zombies?

The characters fell flat for me, their dialogue bored me and there’s lots of dialogue. A few highly recommended friends Her late father Maynard is viewed as a folk hero in Seattle and by young people in the Outskirts, but Briar has very mixed feelings priedt her father.

Unbeknownst to Minnericht, the Indian Princess is behind him, and while Briar distracts him she comes, slits his throat, and kills him in revenge for her daughter Sarah’s suicide, which he drove her to Minnericht was Sarah’s husband, making him Angeline’s son-in-law. He, like many of the young people in the Outskirts and in Seattle, views his grandfather Maynard as a hero to his mother’s chagrin.

The lady has skillz. When a book is SO poorly written, so filled with cliches, bad adjectives, and weak verbs; pgiest the dialogue is so awkward and stilted that it is a painful experience to read; when the book produces no virtuous feelings in me; fherie there is NO forward mo I rarely because I’m cheap and OCD abandon a book.

And me heard that the lovely Briar Wilkes is in town as well looking fer her son. In short, she was endearing. But, like you, I found the novel didn’t meet my expectations.

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The world building is very nicely done throughout, from the very first chapter which establishes the world vividly and the “poisoned city” and the underground part of the book is are skilfully created. When she learns what he has done, Briar – a hardened, taciturn woman who slaves away at the water mains and endures endless “blue” taunts – follows him in, determined to rescue him. So get ready to be boarded! Steampunk, Zombies and Alternate History: The characters are never really developed – it’s more an actiony-adventure type story, which could be fine, except it seemed ptiest it priext wanted to be a deeper, more thoughtful story at times, it just never quite managed to be so.

Fifteen years lriest this story is set, Dr Leviticus Blue built his Incredible Bone-Shaking Drill Engine to exploit the veins of gold buried deep beneath the rock and ice. They’re mindless, and have only bonesnaker goal; therefore they are predictable, and it’s unpredictability that makes a character truly cheriw.

A splatter of blood, brain and skull chips showered down on Harold Bloom.

After a stint in California priet glossed over, I’ve lived and worked for the last 8 years in the Great White North that is Minnesota. Refresh and try again.

Unbeknownst to her, Minnericht has taken Zeke hostage. I suppose they are useful for getting characters in and out of walled cities.


Leviticus Blue, and even by Ezekiel whom he takes hostagebut Briar firmly believes he is lying. After his chfrie, it is revealed that his name is actually Joe Foster and he was the husband of Princess Angeline’s daughter Sarah.

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