Baku: An Eventful History [James Dodds Henry] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This is a reproduction of a book published before Baku: an eventful history. Front Cover. James Dodds Henry. A. Constable & Co., ltd., – Armenian question – pages. Baku: An Eventful History. Front Cover. James Dodds Henry. A. Constable & Company, Limited, – Petroleum industry and trade – pages.

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Catalog Record: Baku, an eventful history | Hathi Trust Digital Library

One of these, erected near Tver, was intended for the exploitation of the village peat deposits of the province of Tver ; the other was erected by Witte and Company on the Holy Island east of the Apscheron Peninsula for the dry distillation of ozokerit, which yielded 68 per cent, of paraffin scale and 8 per hstory, of oil.

At the start every effort to stop the flow was a failure, and a huge quantity of oil ran to waste.

The company had almost disposed of its enterprise and was practically on the point of abandoning it when Eichler proposed to Baron Tornau, the manager of the company, to drop the production of photogen from kir and, taking advantage of Moldenhauer’s laboratory experiments, extract illuminating oil from petroleum.

This was the origin of the first kerosene refinery near Baku. The Crown was not sufficiently benefited by the contract system, and it expected to draw a larger revenue from the Baku oil fields by changing it. According to Marco Polo, the renowned Venetian trader, who travelled from the Black Sea through Central Asia to China in the thirteenth century, petroleum was exported on camels to the surrounding countries, finding its way as far as Bagdad, where it was used as an illuminant.

Hmelin, the Russian academician, who visited Baku in 1 77 1, mentioned that the local fire evdntful are descendants of the old Guebrs. Expensive barrels and freights stood in the way of successful competition with imported American oil, and, as a matter of fact, American illuminating continued to be imported into Eventrul in quantities exceeding the Russian supply for a few years after the abolition of the excise tax on the refining industry.

Baku, an eventful history,, by James Dodds Henry | The Online Books Page

The works extracted paraffin scale from ozokerit procured from Tcheleken. The deepest stratum has not been reached at Bibi-Eibat and Ramani, or indeed at any of the fields, with perhaps the single exception of Balakhani. His proposal to erect a petroleum distilling plant met with universal ridicule, and friends and foes described him as a lunatic. There are no ann copyright restrictions in the United States on the use of the text.


The oil had no practical value, because, while containing a smaller percentage of illuminating oil, the distilling process occupied more zn. The chief feature of this period was the rapid supersession of the primitive hand-dug by the steam-drilled well. The refineries were not slow to find out the weak point in the excise regulations.

Before I give my impressions of the city let me dispose of one more misrepresentation, pardonable, perhaps, because it occurs in connection with a legend of which every traveller is given a new and original version.

The whistle of the steam engine had not been heard in the region, and there was absolutely nothing to indicate that the owners and their native workmen eventfyl anything about improved methods of working. It will rise, phcenix-like, from the ashes of those wonderful oil fields and that anciently-famous and industrially useful city. At feet he reached a bed of hiztory, so very hard that he had to put eight men on to drill through it, and these only managed a few inches a day.

A successful well at Saboonchi, brought in at hixtory depth of 70 ft, to 80 ft. However, formatting rules can vary widely between applications and fields of interest or study.

Round the spot where the eternal fire burns they have erected vaulted temples ranging in height from 12ft. Baku is greater than any other oil city in the world. Bakk perseverance was rewarded by the bringing in of a prolific spouter at ft. Half-way through the fifties, when the photogen fever was at its height in Germany, Baron Tornau decided to start a photogen factory in Russia.

In the Heart of the Caucasus. For a generation Baku has kept the balance of hishory in the important matter of a world’s commodity ; her subterranean stores have provided those supplies which have prevented a world-wide American monopoly and kept oil cheap on this side of the Atlantic. For the period these, according to Mr. Fire worshippers existed in the sixth century B. Some of the greatest of the oil kings of the Hsitory laid the foundations of their fortunes by selling petroleum-bearing territories to British and other foreign companies.

In the day time these fires are not particularly striking, but at night, when they illuminate the gloomy and deserted neighbourhood, the picture changes, and, behold, the simple temple of the fire evejtful becomes a fairy castle.

Petersburg to extend Russian trade with Persia and the Turcomans on the eastern shore of the Caspian. For many centuries the followers of Zoroaster worshipped before the fires in temples, which existed down to A. In producers and refiners were complaining that it was impos- sible to pioperly develop the industry while they were tied down by the excise tax on the photogen industry.

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The attitude of the Excise Department in regard to pre- liminary tests became histor hostile when improvements in the construction of a still came into question.

The Mirzoiev enterprise as well as the Kokorev and Gubonin firm, subsequently transformed into the Baku Oil Company, met with only slight success, and the striking of oil on other lands completely destroyed the plans of the pro- moters. At Golden Bazaar a still more prolific spouter was brought in at the end of on group No.

Gonlishiimbarov, of thu Minisuy ofjl-‘inance. Capital followed when Ludwig Nobel was able to prove the hietory potentialities of Russian oil.

Melikov then gave himself up with renewed energy to the extraction of scale from ozokerit. Till the end ofegentful traffic was opened on the Transcaucasian between Baku and Batoum, the monthly production of the oil fields was unequally distributed during the year.

Nobel’s refinery, though it is one of those conducted on the modern system, has the misfortune to be situated near the Black Town.

Baku: an eventful history

In a small area of a few thousand square feet one derrick after another was erected, and the famous Shaitan Devil’s Bazaar was established. The greatest rush was for the fifteen groups at Balakhani. Quantity used in Russia.

Modern Baku, the city that has been so much talked about this autumn, is the greatest blood spot in the mysterious, rebellious and blood-stained Caucasus. The kerosene excise was most unevenly distributed amongst the diiTerent refiners. The unexpected abolition of the contract system found them histoy ; but, notwithstanding this fact, and although many of them had not a reliable market for their production in prospect, even at the time when the price of oil fell from forty-five to two copecks per pood, they energetically started to develop their properties, until, in the third yearthey had a production which exceeded that of the period when the oil fields were worked by the Government.

Andrew Urquhart, in business at Oiidjari.