Anredera cordifolia is an evergreen Perennial Climber growing to 9 m (29ft) by m (0ft 8in) at a fast rate. It is hardy to zone (UK) 9 and is frost tender. Common Name: Madeira Vine. Anredera cordifolia. Flowering plant. Photograph by: Shepherd, R.C.H.. Image credit to Australian National Botanic Gardens. Habit, Anredera cordifolia (Madeira vine, mignonette vine, uala hupe); typical habit, climbing and smothering native vegetation. Ulupalakua.

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Anredera cordifolia

Environmental weeds and their control with particular reference to rainforest remnant restoration. Physical control of A. Littoral rainforest reserves were consistently predicted to provide bioclimatically suitable habitat for the five vines examined under both coordifolia and future climate scenarios, and the consequences and potential strategies for managing exotic plant invasions in these protected areas in xordifolia coming decades was assessed.

Bishop Museum Special Publication Subsequent weeding of an area must occur regularly enough to prevent cordifoila tubers from re-sprouting vines that climb up to produce new aerial tubers. Vols 1 and 2. African Entomology, 15 2: This plant does not produce fruit in Africa. Growth rates of stems in warmer and moister regions can exceed 1 metre per week and up to 6 metres in a growing season.

Of the 1, naturalized plant species assessed by Downey et al.

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Anredera cordifolia Madeira vine. These restrictions may prevent the use of one or more of the methods referred to, depending on individual circumstances. Habitat Top of page Anredera species are typically found in dry scrub and thickets in its native South America Xordifolia et al.

Racemes can be simple but also show some branching. Beczner L, Vassanyi R, Nick Pasiecznik, consultant, France. The potato-like tubers, produced on aerial stems covered in warts, are specific and typical in identifying andedera plant, but can grow to 25 cm in diameter.

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Availability depends on season. Journal of Natural Products. The stems are hairless glabrous and grow in a twining fashion. Means of Movement and Dispersal Top of page A.

The leaves had very narrow veins and no sclerenchyma, suggesting a low construction cost that is associated with invasive plants.

If fragments end up in waterways, they are easily transported to new locations in this manner. It is easy to treat a large area of cordifoliw vines initially, whereas it is very difficult to maintain a treated area over time.

Sign up for our e-newsletter. This species often spreads through its own vegetative growth, but can easily be transported by human activities.

Seedlings were found both below and away from existing clumps on several occasions and it was concluded that the possibility of seed production, seed dispersal and the building up of seed banks in the soil should be taken into account during management of A. Naturalized in Texas, California and Florida in southern N. Requires a well-drained humus-rich soil and a position in full sun or anrefera indirect light[].

Accessed 5 March It was introduced into Europe in the early to mid s, with subsequent naturalization occurring in southern Europe from Portugal to Serbia.

Wild Plants of Malta & Gozo – Plant: Anredera cordifolia (Madeira Vine)

Further research on genetic variation is needed, especially to confirm the ploidy levels of the two subspecies and their ability to reproduce by seed, as well as identifying the distribution of the subspecies, both in their native range and where they are introduced. If you have important information about this plant that may help other users please add a comment or link below.


Damage levels at all sites were generally low, reflecting that this was the first year of releases.

Australian Journal of Botany, 61 5: The biology of Australian weeds Wart-like tubers are produced on aerial stems and are a key to identifying the plant. Where have you seen this plant on the Maltese Islands? Once established Madeira vine is very difficult to control. The laboratory host-ranges of these potential agents seem acceptably narrow, with normal development restricted to the host plant.

Westhuizen Lvan der, Madeira Vine, Heartleaf madeiravine. You can translate the content of this page by selecting a language in the select box. Specific epithet comes from the Latin words cordata meaning heart-shaped and folia meaning leaved in reference to the heart-shaped leaves of this plant. Council of Heads of Australasian Herbaria. Removal of available climbing ladders such as cut stems of Lantana is beneficial. For these reasons you are kindly requested to first fill and submit a quotation form by which you will get confirmation of the purchase, availability and charges.

If fragments end up in waterways, they are easily transported to new locations in this manner. Archived from the original PDF on 17 May Significantly more stomata were observed on the abaxial sides of leaves under high light levels, which may account for its ability to fix large amounts of carbon and rapidly respond to light gaps.