For example: the name 30x 30x is more than a name, it’s an approach to breaking down a big Copyright © – Amy Hoy. I’ve been on the edge about whether to register for Amy Hoy’s 30x course (I’m from India so it’s a LOT of money). As a developer, I’ve heard. This is a testament to the 30x approach: it forces product Sales Safari is what Amy Hoy—the method’s inventor—calls “net ethnography.”.

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Don’t pay for what you won’t use.

How to create products people want – O’Reilly Media

Finally, the format of the courses is different. Or college students, except for the most demanding and joy majors engineering, science, law, etc which attract those with drive and money. Find product ideas with sales safari Going on a Sales Safari is the process of uncovering product ideas hiding in plain sight.

How did you make your first thousand dollars? Because it’s focused more on helping people by: But they behave differently in the wild than they do in captivity. And then offer them assistance.

Over the 2 days, you will learn how to find product ideas that people will pay for and how to market those ideas so people will buy them. How do billionaires make their first billion?

Not everyone wants to actually fix their problems — sometimes they just want to bitch. Snippets Does your audience hang out together online, in forums, blogs, mailing lists, user groups, LinkedIn or Facebook groups, Twitter hashtags, review sites, etc? I wrote a complete review of 30x at Should You Take 30x?


How do they speak? We talk about this, too, in class.

What is the fastest way to get 20 dollars? This is a testament to the 30x approach: What are they writing in customer support emails or product reviews?

The things that they buy. The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the future. Students who have never created a product in their lives have gone on to make tens of thousands of dollars for themselves in the first few months after following the 30x framework. What things they ask help for. You literally have access to the entire internet to find people in a particular audience.

How to create products people want

Answered Dec 25, She took these stories at face value instead of observing their behavior. The problems they discuss. Your gut feeling is most likely wrong. What does it feel like to make your hooy billion dollars? What they share with each other. How did you make your first million dollars in Australia?

Is 30×500 Academy right for me?

Sounds like you have an endless source of product ideas upon which to build. These were the words that compelled me, as a would-be graduate of the 30x 300×500 a class that teaches people how to create and sell their first productsto become a student. You try not to piss your friends off but instead, you help people….


In my experience, coming up with a random idea and seeing if my friends and other people wanted to buy it was kind of like trying to win the lottery and bugging my friends to buy random crap pissed a lot of people off. Amy quit her last very cushy job inopened up a consultancy for Fortune companies, and then threw that all out the window to start a product biz after procrastinating for years. This is professional lurking if you want to look at it that way. Ho of their core teachings is this: How did you earn your second million dollars and how did it compare to making your first?

Hillman likens this belief to the dichotomy between observing lions in the zoo and how they behave in the wild: It looks like How To Make Your First Dollar advocates generating business ideas then talking to potential customer to validate those ideas. Pain 30×500 problems—revealed by observation and empathy. Other product rookies were generating five figures in recurring revenue after only a few months.

It creates an endless cycle of throwing ideas against the wall with the hopes of finding something that works. How can I make dollars fast?