Preamble1 – ADMINISTRATION OF EVACUEE PROPERTY Act, Chapter I. Section1 – Short title and extent. Section2 – Definitions. Section3 – [Repealed]. became vested in the Custodian of Evacuee Properties for the State of Madras under Section 8 of the Administration of Evacuee Property Act, , hereinafter . S.R.O. , dated the 28th September, -In exercise of the powers conferred by Sec. 56 of the Administration of Evacuee Property Act, (No. XXXI of.

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Mahomed Ebrahim Mahomedi v. Protection of action taken in good faith. In view of the contentions advanced by the learned counsel, firstly, we may consider the question whether the property in question Cancellation or variation of leases and allotments. The declaration follows upon the e Restoration of evacuee property by admin. Azizun Nisa And Others…Applicants; v. Assistant Custodian, Evacuee Property, A. Clauses iiiii and iv omitted by ibid.

The Administration Of Evacuee Property Act,

Tar Mohammad And Others v. Such expenditure on special repairs will in the first instance be met out of the income of the property and if there is -not sufficient income, it will be debited against the capital value of the property. Evacuee property is vested under S.

In the Punjab Actevacuee property has or defined in Section 2 c which Section 8 2 of Central Ordinance No. J held that share of the The total months debits and credits in each ledger account shall be entered in a register in Form No.

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Where in pursuance of the provisions of aeministration Act any property has vested in the Custodian, neither the death of the evacuee at any time thereafter nor the fact that the evacuee who had a right or interest in that property had ceased to be an evacuee at any material time shall affect the vesting or render invalid anything done in consequence thereof.


Conditions of service of the Custodian-General and other officers. At this stage, it may be poi In these circumstances, the Court found that the Act provides for determining of the property as evacuee property. Copy of propefty order passed on appeal, revision or review.

Parkash Chand And Ors. Provided that if the amount bid by the transferee falls short of the amount actually paid by him he shall be entitled to any refund of the balance.

Courts inter alia to entertain or adjudicate upon any question whether any property or any right to or interest in any property is or is not evacuee property. Administration of Evacuee Property ActAct 31 ofcame into force another notice Bare Acts in India – statutes and laws free download. Provided nothing in this rule shall apply to any person who has settled in Pakistan and has been visting India merely for the purpose of looking after his property or other interest.

Section13 – Payments to Custodian to foe valid discharge. Section 6 of the Hyderabad Administration of Evacuee Property Regulation Fasli, is void and ineffective and that he was in fact not an evacuee at all, nor the property Sub- section 3 omitted by Act 91 ofs. Penalty for concealing evacuee property.

Save as otherwise expressly provided in this Act, no Civil or Revenue Court shall have jurisdiction– a to entertain or adjudicate upon any question whether any property or any right to or interest in any property is or is not evacuee property; or 1. Himachal Pradesh High Court. Filter Filter through years using slider.

Himachal Pradesh High Court Power of Central Government to take action with regard to evacuee property. Whereas the under-mentioned property has vested in administeation Custodian under Sec.


The Custodian as prroperty has no interest in the property entrusted to his charge by the Administration of Evacuee Property Actand it is futile to contend that he cannot Powers of revision of Custodian- General.

Thus, the share of the evacuees muslim proprietors who migrated to Pakistan in khasra No. Hafiz Washi Ahmad v.

Act all evacuee property situated within the province or East Punjab vested in custodian and continued to be vested with the custodian in terms of Section 3 2 read with Section 58 of the Thus by virtue of Section 3 of Act all the land included in shamilat deh had been vested in the Gram Panchayat.

State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission. See now the Limitation Act, Prabhakar And Others TM to find other cases containing similar facts and legal issues.

Ramcharan Mahto And Ors. In the instant case, however, no separate share On May 27,notice in Form No. Certain words omitted by Administratioh 91 ofs.

The petition shall be accompanied by a copy of the order sought to be revised and also admihistration a copy of the original order unless the Revising Authority dispenses with the if of any such copy. Name and address of owner. Administration of Evacuee Property Actwas that interest of the Muslim proprietors vest in the Custodian bu Click to upgrade Your Package to have this feature. It appears that several years before the present notice under Section 7 of the Act was issued, on November 22, when the Administration of Evacuee Property Ordinance,