B ILB Components datasheet pdf data sheet FREE from Datasheet (data sheet) search for integrated circuits (ic), semiconductors. UMB datasheet, UMB pdf, UMB data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, pdf, UMC, Tone / Pulse Dialer. /15C. C3. C1. OSCI. OSCO. TONE. VSS. R3. R2. R1. R4. DP. XMITMUTE. VDD. MODE IN. C2. HK. (ii) Hand-free control. HFO. HFI. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

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This circuit does not require any complex IC, so any one with little knowledge of electronics can construct this circuit, because it does not need any programmable IC’s or programming. This circuit 991214b the ringing signal sent from the telephone exchange.

In this time interval the output of the tri state buffer will be the signal at its input terminal. This is a control system through which you can control your appliances. Please help me in this regard This circuit gives an acknowledgement tone after switching ON the devices to confirm the status of the device.

If we are not sure about its status and if we false switch the appliance, then this will lead to some problems like damaging the device. This beep generator unit produces a short duration beep indicating than the device is already in switched ON state. According to that BCD number it selects the active low output line from 1 to 16 which is decimal equivalent of the BCD number present at its input pins.

The frequencies are chosen such that they are not the harmonics of each other. Device status feedback unit: Beep tone generator unit: Thanx a lot R. By using this IC we can construct two types of multivibrater, monostable and astable. Now we see these units in detail. There is no risk for false switching. You can control up to 10 devices. This IC gets a backup from a 9V battery.


These tones are identified as ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’, ‘D’. Here this D flip flop is used in the toggle mode. When a negative going pulse is applied to its triggering input at pin 2, the output of the IC goes high. By pressing the number 5 in the key pad the output tone is produced which is the resultant of addition of two frequencies, at pin no.

Press the respective code of the device whose status is to be checked. Provision is made for connection of a feedback resistor to the op-amp output GS for gain adjustment.

UMB Datasheet(PDF) – UMC Corporation

The frequencies associated with various keys on the keypad are shown in figure A. This circuit consists of some passive components like resisters, capacitors. This optocoupler is 6 pin IC. While switching OFF the device this tone is not heard.

In both the cases, the column frequency Hz is the same. So you need not use a separate telephone line for this device controlling. IC 91241b timer: This will remain high for the time period designed by the RC combination. But these technologies have their own limitations. Will the Datasheet Help?

This output is fed to the line decoder IC These demultiplexer are ideally suited for implementing high-performance memory dstasheet.

The person from a remote section is only to press the extension number to get connected to the respective number. When the both inputs are high that indicates that device is switched ON, then the output of the AND gate goes logic datashfet state.


This IC is used as a multivibrater click here to download datasheet. Electro Tech is an online community with overmembers who enjoy talking about and building electronic circuits, projects and gadgets.

This is an important unit in this project. Local control section contains a telephone interface circuit, ring detector circuit, signal decoder circuit, device status check circuit, device controlling circuit, device status feedback circuit. Here is an application.

This system is divided into two sections 1: After 60 seconds the local control unit will disconnected from the telephone line so that your money is saved. The contents of the output latch are made available on the 4-bit output bus by raising the three state control input OE to logic high. This is the main unit of this system. The output of the D flip-flop is applied to the base of the transistor T5 — T15 via a resister.

Now make a call to your telephone set using a remote telephone set or datqsheet phone. We have two type of dialing facilities in our telephone system i Pulse dialing mode ii Tone dialing mode.

Silan Semiconductors

Daatsheet a few decades controlling devices using remote control switches like infrared remote control switch, wireless remote control switches, light activated switches are becoming popular. Control unit is kept with a sufficient backup. It uses same oscillator frequency used in the remote section so same crystal oscillator with frequency of 3.

This circuit is directly connected to the telephone line.