The first generation Honda Civic Hybrid with a five speed is for the kind of man whose devotion to Popular Mechanics was the end of his first. Honda Civic Hybrid – Owner’s Manual ( pages). Posted on 3 Nov, by Muitosabao. Model: Honda Civic Hybrid. File size: MB. Honda Civic Hybrid Manual: It Exists That’s right, folks: the first-generation Honda Civic Hybrid came with a stick shift from to

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It covic like installation rates were surprisingly high, reaching about 20 percent of all Civic Hybrid models. The Owner’s Guide provides a quick how-to on basic functions and features.

Production of the Civic hybrid sedan was moved from SuzukaJapan to IndianaUnited States in earlyfollowing the production of the Acura ILX hybrid commenced at Indiana plant in Aprilafter production capacity was expanded toNotify me of new posts by email.

Contact your local Honda dealer for assistance. As with other Civics, there are some styling differences to the exterior between the North American and the Japanese market models. To date there has been no follow up to parties concerned, but shortly after the Honda release a class action was launched in Quebec courts on behalf of Quebec and Canadian owners and lessees.

Vehicle Specifications | Honda Civic Hybrid | Honda Owners Site

As soon as the brake pedal is lifted, the petrol engine comes back to life again. On the interior, a small center console replaced the driver’s arm rest and the rear seats got adjustable head rests.


Some users reported that the fuel economy of the Civic Hybrid was reduced after Honda installed a software update to prolong the life of the hybrid battery by reducing the electric motor’s output and putting more reliance on the gasoline engine. The battery can charge and discharge more rapidly and efficiently though the total capacity is reduced from the Insight’s 6.

Archived from the original on 21 September Honda introduced the Civic Hybrid in Japan in December and discontinued it in Monitoring is available at a 12 cell sub-pack level, but charging isn’t. It was the first mainstream vehicle from Honda equipped with a gasoline-electric hybrid system and became the second hybrid model of the company after Insight.

January Learn how and when to remove this template message. The two spark plugs in each cylinder can fire either sequentially or simultaneously, enabling more efficient burning during lean-burn mode and more often lean-burn operation. However, the Settlement Administrator has already begun to review claims and began mailing checks last month to those with validated claims.

Honda Civic Hybrid Owners Manuals

Retrieved from ” https: The new three stage i-VTEC valvetrain has low-rpm, high-rpm and cylinder idle mode. Honda claimed it was the most fuel efficient 5-passenger gasoline-powered production vehicle in the world at the time.

A digital display is incorporated in the instrument dash showing how much electricity is sent to the battery or how much is used. Important information about securing 2nd row seats properly.

The Dunlop tires improve ride quality and reduce road noise compared with other hybrids like Insight and Prius.


This can temporarily restore balance and dramatically improve usable capacity for months at a time. Through improvements to the magnetic coils of the DC brushless motor, it achieves 30 percent greater assisting and regenerative torque than the previous model without increasing the size.

You may use these HTML tags and attributes: The last Civic Hybrid was launched during in the U. Except for that whole thing about replacing the batteries.

Honda Civic Hybrid

Archived from the original on 21 February An idle stop feature shuts off the engine automatically when stopped, then restarts immediately when the driver removes their foot from the brake.

But for hypermilers who do most of their driving in the diesel-unfriendly big city, the Civic Hybrid stick is a good choice. October 15, at 3: Consumer Reports ran an article in April stating that hybrid vehicles would not pay for themselves over 5 years of ownership. Honda Civic ninth generation.

Unfortunately, the days of a manual hybrid sedan are probably long behind us. As a result, covic of energy wasted during braking is improved by 10 percent. High output valve timing helps the engine to increase its output by 9 percent.