Notes to the Annual Report and Accounts This PDF version of the Unilever Board meetings were held at the offices of Hindustan Unilever in. the Annual Report and the text of the Schemes. . HINDUSTAN UNILEVER LTD. , Annual Report – Amount (In Rs.) HINDUSTAN UNILEVER LIMITE WESTERN REGION Information pursuant to Clause 32 of the Listing Agreement ANNUAL REPORT – JL Morison.

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The Company did not have any outstanding dues annuap any financial institution or debentures holders during the year. Take a look at the company just 5 years ago.

Your Company has been preparing for migrating to GST for the past year; changes across IT systems, Supply Chain and operations have been made keeping in mind the sweeping changes that GST would bring in. There was a net cash surplus of Rs, 1, crores Under the SHARES Plan, eligible employees can invest in the shares of the holding Company for specified amount and after three years one share is granted to the employees for every three shares invested subject to the fulfillment of conditions of the scheme.

I am a great admirer of yours crisp thoughts and transformation of learning from great investor to indian market in a simple way.

HUL Auditors Report

On total assets of Rs cr. It was a very different company then…. Average profit for11 and 12 — cr. Indeed, my thesis is that to track the power of a moat, one should measure the quality and the quantum of its float.

October 2, at Large work force and history of labor unrest 3. The same logic can be applied in the case of advance from customers. Your Company has also invested in rewiring processes and tools to transform into an amazingly simple organization.

While maintaining the highest governance norms, the Company has appointed external independent persons, who have done work in this area and have requisite experience in handling such matters, as Chairpersons of each of the Committees.

Flirting with Floats: Part III | Fundoo Professor

The audited financial results of these segments hl provided as a part of financial statements. The Legal function also works closely with different stakeholders like Industry Associations, Regulators, key opinion formers to develop a progressive regulatory environment in the best interest of all the stakeholders. The Report given by the Auditors on the financial statements of the Company is part of the Annual Report.

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Your Company looks upon them as partners in its progress and has shared with them the rewards of growth. The Company has not given any guarantees for loan taken by others from financial institutions.

Learnings from safety incidents are cascaded top-down for mitigation of risks, which can avoid repeat incidents. Why, then, do businesses ever borrow money to fund their operations? The pace of innovations and the scope of services have expanded over the years. A Memorandum of Settlement was signed towards the end of the last financial year with the association bringing to an end this long-standing issue. So i did not include these in my calculations. How much would you pay Nestle as annuao interest-free deposit to get a right to exclusively distribute maggie noodles in Punjab?

September 17, at Finally, in your hunt for long-term high-quality businesses, as you witness the proximity between floats and moats, you will also discover that all floats are not the same. Because of the inherent limitations of internal financial controls over financial reporting, including the possibility of collusion or improper management override of controls, material misstatements due to error or fraud may occur and not be rwport.

Just wondering, do you have a copy of the American Express rdport report that you could re-post? Your Company manages cash and cash flow processes assiduously, involving all parts of the business.

Knowledge only grows by sharing. As per the latest Campus Track Business School Survey, conducted by Nielsen for B-School students, your Company has been chosen as the preferred employer across all sectors. It also prevents the need to dilute equity. Should the investor then believe that once the high ROIC projects with the company are over, the company will either resort to high dividend, share buyback or nul re-capitalization.

If you were to value amazon.

Accordingly, paragraph 3 iii of the Order is not applicable to the Company. One of the points being reduction of the minimum size of sector specific SEZ to 10 acres from existing 25 acres.


But to build a larger position, one has to have deep conviction about the moat this company has. Thanks SirKaveri seed is not having that much attractive float as I thought. The global economy continues to remain under pressure from the ongoing political, policy and economic uncertainties around the world. Details of employee remuneration as required under provisions of Section of the Companies Act, and Rule 5 2 and 5 3 of Rules are available at the Registered Office of the Company during working hours, 21 days before the Annual General Meeting and shall be made available to any shareholder on request.

Your Company brought down its inventory holding by 2.

I would not automatically assume that once the firm has used its single asset to its fullest potential, and all future cash flow will be paid out or used for stock buybacks etc. Factories identified newer avenues for re-use and energy recovery from waste, in addition to the current reduction and recycling streams, within the purview of statutory guidelines of waste disposals.

In several sites, make-up water for utilities is taken from rainwater harvested during monsoons. Details of loans, guarantee or investments made by your Company under Section of the Companies Act, during the financial year is appended as an Annexure to this report.

The Company has disclosed the impact of pending litigations on its financial position in its standalone Ind AS financial statements – Refer Note 25 to the standalone Ind AS financial statements.

August 18, at But, I think its time to move on.

Thanks a lot for sharing your insights. Under the said Plan, eligible Managers were given Conditional Performance Grant of shares of Unilever and the Company in the ratio of Your Company has continued the active engagement with the external environment and is investing to enhance solutions across the value annuwl, thereby preparing itself for the Goods and Services Tax GST era.