Fujitsu’s LifeBook Uan ultrasmall convertible tablet and laptop–is a pound, palm-size Windows Vista system whose lilliputian. Fujitsu Computer Systems Corporation today announced the availability of the palm-sized LifeBook(R) U mini convertible notebook. The Fujitsu LifeBook U mini notebook is part of the second wave of UMPCs running on Intel’s new energy-efficient Ultra Mobile Platform.

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The picture below, from the Japanese website, shows how the U Series converts from a notebook to a slate. Oh, and a U costs up to four times more than a Blackberry Curve. In essence, the Lifebook U is a micro PC that can also be used ht,l a tablet in a way similar to how current Tablet PC convertible notebooks can be used either as standard notebooks or as tablets by rotating to display and folding it down flat onto the keyboard with the LCD facing up.

Fujitsu Transaction Solutions Inc. Mouse Buttons These two buttons correspond to the left and right buttons on a standard mouse. The convertible notebook form factor adopted by the handtop is one that is immediately recognizable to just about everyone. The mini htlm was impossible to ignore. The convertible design lets the Fujitsu LifeBook U be used as a notebook with a keyboard or – by swiveling the screen – a tablet.

An optional docking station is also available for those who wish to use the U as a desktop replacement. It and also the slower Mhz A version use a MHZ frontside bus, have KB of Level 2 cache, are paired with the GU Express chipset, and are generally designed for energy-efficient operation.

In the midst of the current Asus Eee PC frenzy, where affordable notebook computers with 7-inch screens are welcomed into new homes at hhml rate possibly never attainable by UMPCs, is the Fujitsu LifeBook U as relevant today as it was when it first became available last year?

Click over to my U unboxing for photos of the packaging, included accessories, and the factory-fresh mini notebook itself.

No one is overjoyed or exceedingly thrilled, but while some are content with the processors’ performance under the weight of Vista, others feel the OS is too bloated to run without extreme compromise and have immediately downgraded or upgraded, as many claim to Windows XP. On the other side of the display hinge is a set of three smaller buttons with icons and lettering printed on them in white the picture had to be taken in low light for the white, which looks gray above, to show up.

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Although highly portable and compact, the Fujitsu U is still one of the heavier UMPCs in its second-generation class. The U ships with a rechargeable 4-cell lithium ion battery mAh rated at up to 5. Compact Flash and SD card slots Display: The LifeBook U notebook is packed with u81 suite of advanced security features to safeguard information, including Trusted Platform Module support and two-level BIO lock, along with a fingerprint sensor for encrypting sensitive files with a finger swipe.

Benchmarks If absolute objectivity is what you’re thml, here are the U’s CrystalMark htl followed by the Windows Experience Index scores. But there it was, very real and tucked inside an instantly familiar compact convertible shell. Maxing out brightness u81, while detrimental to battery htm, helps to reduce the mirror-like quality of the screen under natural light htjl makes the U usable wherever indirect sunlight shines indoors.

Touchscreen The U is outfitted with a passive touchscreen that responds to both styli and fingers. Using a slow mobile processor designed for small devices in the first place, and then expecting it to perform smoothly under Vista, is like a total oxymoron. It has a nice array of features including one USB 2.

Fujitsu-Siemens LifeBook U – External Reviews

Country Selector Caribbean Change. A and drop dead good looks.

Of course, you also get less computer than with a standard ultra-light. Two-handed thumb typing requires some stretching on account of the keyboard’s width, but the generously sized, easy-to-press keys make up for it. And for down time, the bright 5.

Fujitsu-Siemens LifeBook U810

Oh, and a U costs up to four times more hhml a Blackberry Curve. Please share our article, every link counts! Multi-finger typing can feel 8u10 after significant stretches of time, but it also provides rapid data entry. Since my needs are not identical to yours, your take on the Fujitsu U’s performance may not be in accord with mine. The relatively small size of these buttons may be tricky for those with large htmll to maneuver. If you need a Hmtl computer most everywhere you go, the Fujitsu U’s light weight and small size are easy on the back and it’s so small it doesn’t scream “steal me” like a full size notebook.


I should mention that I took the U tests after using it for just two weeks. Fujitsu has a long history of making some of the best pen tablet and slates, going all the way back to the dawn of pen computing in the early s. Pressing Fn once enables the secondary functions of the other buttons; pressing it twice launches the Fujitsu Menu Utility, which allows quick access to system settings. This is, after all, a convertible UMPC.

So, details like letters are bigger. At the corner below the stylus slot are the fingerprint scanner, which uses Softex OmniPass software, and a dedicated Ctrl-Alt-Del button see the “C” and “D” encircling the “Alt”?

Fujitsu is htlm leading provider of customer-focused IT and communications solutions for the global marketplace. Aside from a very rare appearance of “mouse drift,” which I’ve seen only twice in the last 2. In addition to the convertible design, the navigational controls on the U are key to the unit’s usage versatility.

The convertible design lets the Fujitsu LifeBook U be used as a notebook with a keyboard or – by swiveling the screen – a tablet. Below the keyboard is a foursome thml status indicators left to right: Typing Speed Of all the thumboards and mobile device keyboards I’ve ever used as of this writing and despite the shortcomings mentioned above, the Fujitsu U keyboard is the hands-down best. There are several thoughtful elements present that bring innovation to an otherwise familiar design more on this laterbut in general, the U looks exactly like a typical laptop or tablet PC, just in miniature form.

I switched the orientation for the photo because I didn’t want the Fujitsu logo upside down. Tablet PC functionality is built into the unit’s Vista Home Premium operating system, so TIPhandwriting recognition, and gestures are all supported.

Instead, it is exactly what it sets out to be: Keyboard The Fujitsu LifeBook U is equipped with a key miniaturized keyboard that looks and feels very much like a standard keyboard. The cursor control, or mouse j810, is a rubber square with a bumpy surface that acts as grip for your thumb.

Status Indicator Panel Below the keyboard is a foursome of status indicators left to right: Give and take, I guess.