UNNATURAL DEATH () by Dorothy L. Sayers. “I believe this is the case I have always been waiting for. The case of cases. The murder. Download Unnatural Death free in PDF & EPUB format. Download Dorothy L. Sayers’s Unnatural Death for your kindle, tablet, IPAD, PC or. The third book in the classic British detective series featuring amateur sleuth Lord Peter Wimsey, with a new introduction by crime writer Minette Walters.

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But she’s still a product of her upbringing, all the same. Thanks for telling us about the problem. But most of this seemed to me to be Wimsey spouting his theories with Parker poopooing them. Among other unique and original features of hers, hardly ever given the credit, IMHO! May 12, Jason Koivu rated it liked it Shelves: It happens close sxyers the end, when Wimsey is convinced Miss Whittaker is the murderer and only wants evidence to convict her, and when she’s most desperate to escape him.


There are a couple of things I did like but I am not sure if they could be enough to redeem this book. This is by sahers my favourite Sayer so far.

Unnatural Death (Lord Peter Wimsey, #3) by Dorothy L. Sayers

Dickson Carr is one. Their drably and gloomily illustrated front cover strike a false tone of somberness for most of her stories. Mary Whittaker has it sorothy been kidnapped. View all 3 comments.

The way a distant cousin of Miss Dawson’s, Rev. Miss Whittaker was a very enterprising woman who knew all about horses, and she began keeping a stable, which made her rich.

Although ceath styles are so different, I can absolutely understand how Christie became the standard.

Unnatural Death

Nov 05, Edoardo Albert rated it really liked it. Purely as a mystery, Dorotby think it’s excellent — excellent and very grim, the grimmer the more I think about it. And one of these is a further development of Lord Peter’s qualms about this ‘hobby’ of detecting things that, reath, people don’t want detected.

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Once the case had been identified, it was interesting to try to work out the murder method and the motive for the crime and, whilst they’re often happy not to, this time my little grey cells couldn’t help but try to guess the solution too. Rather, it’s because it’s a form of idolatry. Any type of work would have suited for that.

Where shops do not know their customers. Both young women had a career, improved their conditions, both were married or engaged.

Specifically, this is a book about lesbians. One of the earliest of the series that I’m going back to read. Now the real task begins of trying to determine if a murder really has sayerrs committed, despite the post-mortem noting nothing unusual, and if so, how and by whom. Books by Dorothy L. This ancient is To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Lord Peter has employed an older woman, Miss Climpson, to assist him with his investigations, in the belief that she can obtain information from sources, notably other women, who would be wary of him but happy to chat with her.

And this one is excellent. A lovely, lovely read. Thanks very much for unnattural comments, greatly appreciated. The theme of the undiscovered past, realised through forensic analysis of clues and genealogy, is treated with considerable complexity in the book — although this does mean that much of the action feels very passive as we are constantly being told about things that happened in the past and there is therefore very little forward momentum to the plot.

She is suspicious of almost anything to do with lesbianism. Drath is honed here in her conversational tidbits and dialect diatribes. I saydrs help but love the elder Miss Whittaker and Miss Dawson — but I’m confused and hurt by how Sayers could write them and also write about the younger Miss Whittaker as she did. Josephine Tey is unnatursl. You are commenting using your Twitter account.


He flaunts his erudition and his upper class education as a red flag in front of all of us, simple proles, but his profound need for truth drothy justice resonates inside me. Written inthis is the third book in the Lord Peter Wimsey series and has recently been reissued by New English Library. Lord Peter sees this as social insurance against the coming Revolution. You can see that cover online here: Nunatural story itself is a pretty good mystery, satisfyingly tangled and yet with one of those surprisingly simple solutions.

A Presumption of Death. However, “not only would it require the use of an instrument so large as to be farcical, but Miss Sayers has her bubble put into an artery not a vein. What’s at play is deafh how and the why. In Unnatural Deathour somewhat foppish hero, the amateur detective Wimsey suspects there may be more to the cancer-assumed death of an older lady.

Anyway, this is very insightful and in-depth review and makes me feel ashamed of the length, or lack there of, of my simplistic scribbles and musings. Along with the italics-happy Miss Climpson, many of the characters are highly amusing comic creations, especially the solicitor Murbles who dislikes the telephone and wears a specially made hat just for traveling — Wimsey himself however can be a real bore sometimes and frankly a bit of an ordeal to listen to with his endless quotations and fairly exasperating habit of going off at extreme tangents.