Covenantal Apologetics. Study Key Issues in Apologetics and Its Relationship with Christian Doctrine. Curated from a lecture series by K. Scott Oliphint. In his latest work, Covenantal Apologetics, K. Scott Oliphint seeks to recast Cornelius Van Til’s presuppositional apologetics as “covenantal apologetics” – a . Covenantal Apologetics has ratings and 59 reviews. Andrew said: This book was good in more carefully defining presuppositional apologetics as covenan.

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However, when any philosophical or intellectual system attempts to answer these questions and to understand truth by suppressing the truth of God’s revelation, it ultimately will collapse upon itself precisely because it denies the Foundation of all Reality.

In light of the instability revealed by the Quicksand Quotient, the apologist shows how the truth of God can sustain itself and how it is able to explain reality as we know it. God can unite them both into one without merging or changing either p. Theology matters, your apologetic is only as strong as your theological foundation.

Hopefully, the time it takes to explain these few suggestions will not be misleading – Covenantal Apologetics is a stimulating gift to the Church. Jan 13, Brian Collins rated it liked it. This book has received a broad range of exposure on the internet in the last few months and Crossway has gone to great lengths to market the book and widen its appeal. Apr 04, Patrick S. Scott Oliphint is more a book about how to do apologetics than apologetics itself.

Covenantal Apologetics : K. Scott Oliphint :

Because other religions exist in order to avoid the true God, they will inevitably interject another god, and that god will have distinct characteristics. He discusses apologeetics biblical foundations for apologetics, as well as the importance of the rhetorical appeals logos, pathos and ethos in presenting one’s case in a persuasive manner.

Home Blog Articles Contributors Reviews. It is also very readable if you may be scared by a book like this. Any notion of compatibility will have to allow that if this is true, then there is no incompatibility between God’s character and the character of human beings. Oliphant made an excellent argument for why we should use the term “covenantal apologetics,” as opposed to the term “presuppositional apologetics. This alone makes the book worth the read, but Oliphint loses much of apologetcis magic in translation.


The Sabbath from Genesis to Revelation”. Oliphint brings a number of helpful insights to the table.

Covenantal Apologetics: Principles and Practice in Defense of Our Faith by K. Scott Oliphint

Oliph Oliphint offers a solid introduction to presuppositional apologetics. Labels, which are designed to communicate substantial amounts of truth in a word or few, are ocvenantal than helpful when a person is unfamiliar with them and can become detrimental when either the meaning of the label is debated or the label itself is misunderstood.

Conclustion It is not ours to convert; it is not even ours to “win” an argument. This book clearly explains the theological foundations of covenantal apologetics and illustrates its application in real-world conversations with unbelievers–helping Christians to boldly, knowledgeably, and winsomely covenantall the gospel.

I do wish that he would have spent more time actually working through the tenets offering a more robust biblical support for each one, but that may have been outside the scope of the book.

It is an interesting read my copy which was new, is now covered in writing, highlighting and noteshowever I found myself disagreeing with This book is essentially an introduction to presuppositional apologetics the author wishes to change the name presuppositional to Covenantal, an out of respect for the author, I am willing to do so, however, it must be noted that it is the very same as Van Tillian apologetics.

A very good book. I reviewed this book for Crossway. I think his most interesting chapter is his take on Paul’s apologetic message on Mars Hill in Acts There is a lot of great, great stuff in this book.

Covenantal Apologetics : Principles and Practice in Defense of Our Faith

Almost rated it 3 stars. It’s easy to read a lot about method, but to see it put into action is most instructive and most likely to give the reader an understanding of how to use the material. If Covenantal Apologetics aspires to be broadly accessible, it would do well either to clarify such issues or to omit technical and unclear terminology that is only fully explained elsewhere. In this way, it is unclear why Oliphints ‘Covenental Apologetic’ doesn’t reduce to fideism, despite his efforts to escape fideism, accusing it of producing an impotent faith, unable to convict unbelievers of sin.

For example, the Scriptures are clear that God is omniscient Psalm With this task of pathos accomplished, a covenantal apologetic presses inexorably to the final component of the triviumlogosin which the covenantal apologist presents the truth of the Gospel. He argues, for instance, that Christ’s union of human and divine natures in one person demonstrates that a sovereign and holy God is compatible with human free will and sinfulness.


This book didn’t add anything knew to the overall system of PA, but it doesn’t point out some very good conversation roads PA need to be aware of and have and to make sure they are committing themselves to the Scriptures. Jun 02, Adam Smith rated it really liked it.

Principles and Practice in Defense of Our Faith goes a long way towards taking this apologetic methodology and translating it into terms that is clear, understandable and highly practica Apologetics is thought of by some to be an arcane discipline, and the Presuppositional brand of apologetics to be even more so. However, if the question is a bit more focused, matters become more complex.

Man, even in his innocence, has a limited knowledge Genesis 2: As God’s image bearer, each individual inescapably has a knowledge of God.

One almost is left with the sense that those readers who understand Oliphint’s explanations did not need his explanations, while those readers who would benefit from an explanation will not be helped by the explanations that he provides. This really is a book of “principles and practice”, not a how-to manual, and that is a good thing. Apologetids chapter especially, and the whole book in general, is worth taking the time to apologeticw deliberately and prayerfully.

The opinions I have expressed are my own. This “sense of the divine” influences how we form our arguments with unbelievers and how we approach the discipline of apologetics.

If the compatibility “between God’s character and the character of human beings” is sought through Bunge’s definitional test imposed on the two statements “Jesus Christ is God” and “Jesus Christ is Man”, then certainly, the only acceptable Christian response is to affirm that these two statements are compatible applogetics neither “logically implies the negation of the other. An ordained minister in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church, Dr.

Terminology can be a beast sometimes.