American Son has ratings and 45 reviews. Rachelle said: Realistic and edgy portrayal. I know exactly what the two brother, Tomas and Gabe feel, and h. American Son is a novel that was written by American author Brian Ascalon Roley and published by W. W. Norton & Company Publishing in paperback format in. Tomas is the son who helps pay the mortgage by selling attack dogs to rich people .. Excerpted from American Son by Brian Ascalon Roley.

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Everything else seemed to acsalon, especially the characterizations. Aug 04, Rebecca Lien rated it liked it Shelves: Cart Support Signed in as: Instead of highlighting the struggle of growing up mestizo on a first-hand basis, it really highlighted the struggle of trying to fit in and identity, which would make this book a great read for adolescents.


To view it, click here. Yes, I’ve heard the criticisms of Roley and other writers who “dare” to show Filipinos in a “bad light. No Hollywood happy ending here but more of an Indie realistic view.

Jul 29, Camille rated it did not like it. Mar 06, Jeffkrusel1 rated it liked it. This diasporic postcolonial immigrant tale is probably best read the second time around, when the various travails of the characters can be understood in hindsight. The older brother, Tomas, fashions himself osn a Mexican gangster and breeds pricey attack dogs, which he trains in German and sells to Hollywood celebrities. If you’ve ever xmerican “The Debut” with Dante Basco, you’d see the parallels.


The racism that occurs in this novel effects how Gabe acts and identifies himself.

Novel Conversations: American Son, by Brian Ascalon Roley

Although I am not Filipina, I felt that I was able to relate to a lot of what Tomas and Gabe were feeling, especially as it relates to feelings of shame, especially about their immigrant mother.

The characters were interesting enough for me to follow the story to its end, but it lacked a certain climactic punch that I was hoping for given the nature of the characters.

Gabe clearly tries to give himself an identity as the good son and the good brother. I did not enjoy this book. I’m not too sure. Every character has issues.

It is this vacillating protectiveness of their mother, however, that unites Gabe with his brother Tomas and hints at some small hope for both to acquire some of the gifts of paternity that America has to briam them as American sons. It was lacking in a substantial plot. It was a good book, not a great book, but a step above america. On the other hand, the story took a while to get into, at least in Part 1.

Her American husband so her and she works two jobs to make ends meet. Nov 28, Katie rated it really liked it. The cultural landscape is also real, at least for people over thirty.

American Son is a good story and an easy read, what more can one ask for? His mother, while caring, has no clue how to handle her sons. Roley has created characters that I felt sorry for, but with whom I did not necessarily enjoy sharing company. American Son ascapon Brian Ascalon Roley captures an interesting immigrant experience of a family that moves from the Philippines to California.


American Son | W. W. Norton & Company

Told with a hard-edged purity that brings to mind Cormac McCarthy and Denis Johnson, American Son is the story of two Filipino brothers adrift in contemporary California. Required reading for California Ethnic literature, Spring It didn’t seem to go anywhere.

Maybe now, younger Filipinos have more pride and nationalism, but I have friends who have Filipino mothers, but are half white and they have green eyes and light skin. I read this as apart of my Spanish class at Notre Dame University. Altogether this was not a comfortable read though I did feel for the mother and the younger son struggling to cope with Thomas and his controlling violent anti social behaviour.

Formerly deemed a mama’s boy, Gabe runs away, stealing his brother’s prized Oldsmobile and best dog, trying to escape his brother’s growing influence.